Interview with Sergey Bouravtsov

RPGamer recently interviewed Sergey Bouravtsov, the Project Leader of Burut Creative Team's Golden Land. We asked Mr. Bouravtsov to provide us with a brief biography which will be presented before the start of the actual interview.

Mr. Bouravtsov: I was born and have grown up in Voronezh. I have been reading a lot, both now and in my childhood. In one autumn day I came to Burut CT, met my associates here and started to work on game projects with them - Burut CT company was working on role-playing project Heath, and I took part in it as the programmer. When we finished the project, it has appeared that each of us had many ideas, not realized because of some reason or another, and we decided to make the big role-playing project - sequel of the released game. That's how I became the leader of Golden Land project.

RPGamer: So far, 4 different countries have been announced for the world of Golden Land, are any others planned?

Mr. Bouravtsov: No, at the moment we don't plan to extend the world of Golden Land. Three countries are presented extensively: the Land of Golden Mountains, where there are many forests, mountains, fertile plains, Marvia - the land of the ex-nomads, who became rich because of trade - the rich Eastern colours are peculiar to Marvian cities and settlements; and Turbern - the land of the proud mountain settlers, who have succeeded in the blacksmith's work, and are devoted to their relatives - probably each of Turbernians is the member of one of the clans, which are at war with each other. The climate in Turbern is quite rough, the winter is long, and there are not so many sunny days. Alberia is the unexplored land of vain snowy plains.

RPGamer: Can you tell us a little about the story of Golden Land?

Mr. Bouravtsov: Three hundred years had passed till the heroes of the first part of the game, Velemir and Velena, won a victory over the dark god Drakh-Shu. The Cult of the Great Heroes formed in Golden Land, and its followers thought that the human, as Velemir and Velena, must be perfect in all sides - as physically, so mentally. The large temple was built, the Temple of Great Heroes. The highest priest of the temple, Kotar, sees some anxious troubles taking place in Golden Land - the corruption of morals, robberies, the returning of awful creatures... Kotar knows that those signs had already taken place before - before the invasion of Drakh-Shu and his dark army. The priest cannot change the events by himself, and he sends three best apprentices of the temple to search for the legendary magician of the past, Shurba-Khal, who, as legends say, knows the secret of immortality and lives in his tower. The situation is complex because the tower is situated in Marvia - the land on the East, and connection with it has been lost over five hundred years ago. But, after three apprentices went on their journey, the Lucid Gods come to Kotar in a dream and tell him to send one more apprentice, quite middling, to search for Shurba-Khal. The player will have to control him. He'll have to choose the ways and methods of achieving his aim, deciding when and with what people he should come to an agreement, and when he should act by force.

RPGamer: What sets Goldenland apart from other RPGs?

Mr. Bouravtsov: At first, this original gaming world, which is populated not only (and mostly not) with usual creatures, but also by new one, unknown before. Moreover, the role system is realized in the game, which allows the player to change the style of the game during the events, not restricting the player by the limits of path of the warrior or the magician chosen in the beginning.

RPGamer: Will players be able to start the game as a citizen of any of the 4 countries?

Mr. Bouravtsov: No, due to the plot, the player begins his path as the apprentice of Temple of the Great Heroes in Golden Land.

RPGamer: In the description of the monster AI and behavior system, monster "mood swings" are discussed. Will it be possible to capture monsters or get monsters to cooperate against other monsters in battle?

Mr. Bouravtsov: The system of characters relationship allows to set on two groups of creatures to fight, but there's no opportunity to take the monsters as permanent allies. Besides, magic allows to turn the victim into the berserk for a short time.

RPGamer: The description also mentions that a player will need to play through Goldenland many times to disclose unknown features. Are multiple endings available, or are these features more along the lines of in game side quests and individual skill mastery?

Mr. Bouravtsov: Yes, the game provides some versions of the ending, and each of them is not attached to its kind of walkthrough. We tried to create not only the series of quests, but a wide variety of choices.

RPGamer: Since the player's reputation and actions greatly influence the populace's reaction to them, is there an "evil dictator" scenario, where the player can become the ruler of the world by iron will?

Mr. Bouravtsov: You can have the answer to this question just by trying to be that "evil dictator". And, talking seriously, the game allows both peaceful and combat walkthrough.

RPGamer: When can we expect to see Goldenland outside of Europe?

Mr. Bouravtsov: The worldwide release is planned near Russian release. It'll be in the end of Q2 2003. Our worldwide agent, Russobit-M, is in deep negotiations with international publishers right now. And BTW, in the nearest time all rpgamers, who wanna see the current playable version of Golden Land, are welcome to booth # 6427 in Kentia Hall at the E3! And for sure - we'll be glad to see you on the official site of Golden Land

RPGamer would like to thank Mr. Bouravtsov for taking the time for our interview. RPGamer will continue to provide you with more news of Golden Land, as it is released.

by Martin Drury    

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