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With the release of the Nintendo's Game Boy Advance today, and games already being scheduled for re-release on the new platform, we here at RPGamer simply can't deny the appeal of a few remakes of classic games. So we, the staff, decided to work up a list of games that we would like to see ported to the GBA. Take a look and see if you agree with us.

This list shouldn't contain too many surprises, many of the highly acclaimed games which are technically feasible for a Game Boy Advance port are contained within the list. Although Square games hold several spots, due to their dominance of RPGs in the Super Nintendo era, quite a few other games managed to make it as well, and if you haven't played them, we encourage you to give them a try, either on the original platform or on the hopeful GBA port.

Top 20 Choices
1 Chrono Trigger Reader Review: 10
Chrono Trigger is considered by most to be the best RPG ever created. With its New Game+ option, and more than 10 endings, it's no wonder it has the following it has. Even with the planned PSX release of it, people just can't get enough of it.
2 Final Fantasy VI Reader Review: 10
Final Fantasy VI is viewed by many as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, RPG of all time. It accomplishes this with a plot which manages not to be cliché despite how many of them it employs, and a large cast of characters, most of which are very memorable, and who etch a special place in the player's heart. Add to that some of the more impressive RPG graphics featured on a Super Nintendo and a truly magnificent score, and it's no surprise why RPGamers everywhere are drooling over the possibility of a re-release.
3 Secret of Mana Staff Review: 9
The ability to link several GBAs together makes Secret of Mana an excellent game to re-release, and the action-packed nature of it makes sure there's plenty of replay value, even for those that have beat it several times on the SNES.
4 Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Reader Review: 10
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past set the graphical standard for all of the Game Boy releases. Not only that, but just when you thought your quest was over, you get thrown into another dimension, with plenty of clever mysteries which can be solved only by switching between the two.
5 Final Fantasy IV Reader Review: 6
Although FFVI is generally thought of more highly, a lot of gamers still prefer the older FFIV. It may not have the best storyline or character development, but when all the pieces are put together, the experience is truly enjoyable, endearing the game to the heart of those who play it, for this, it earns 5th choice.
6 Seiken Densetsu 3 Reader Review: 8
Seiken Densetsu 3, the sequel to Secret of Mana, has been crying out for an English translation and release ever since it was released in Japan. Gameplay is similar to Secret of Mana, but there are a few notable innovations, including a class change system, and several different intertwining storylines, promising not only a unique playthrough, but a vastly different challenge every time.
7 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Reader Review: 7
Being one of the extremely few side scrolling RPGs makes this hybrid game popular amongst those who have played it. Brining a sleeper hit to a handheld would be a very smart idea.
8 Super Mario RPG Reader Review: 7
It may not be the most serious of RPGs, but Super Mario RPG was just a good humored fun game. A good for a beginner player, yet still entertaining for the veterans.
9 Final Fantasy Tactics Staff Review: 8
Final Fantasy Tactics probably touts the smallest budget for advertising in the entire FF series. Practically anybody who has played it raves over it, and copies sell for high prices over EBay. A re-relase of the game would certainly bolster the popularity of the game even more.
10 Final Fantasy V Review it!
When Final Fantasy Anthology was released with FFV and FFVI, many new RPGamers were exposed to some of the classics, those who haven been following the series were treated with additional FMV cut scenes. Now we want to see it on a cart again.
11 EarthBound Reader Review: 8
The unique style contained within Earthbound makes it an ideal RPG to port. This is a game which doesn't rely on graphics, or anything else which could possibly be hurt by the smaller screen of the GBA. On the contrary, it relies on a solid, if quirky and fun, RPG experience.
12 Terranigma Staff Review: 8
Enix has always been very good at creating Action RPGs, and Terranigma is no exception. It not only features great action, but an interesting plot which actually involves changing Earth's past. This is another game that definitely merits a re-release.
13 Shining Force Review it!
Being for an earlier system, the Sega Genesis, fewer RPGamers were able to play it. Being one of the first TRPGs, many people would like to see a re-release of this game.
14 Shining Force II Review it!
Another Tactical RPG, the advantage of a hand held would likely increase the popularity of this sub-genre. With a compelling class and interesting magic system, many RPGamers don't know what they're missing.
15 Lufia Reader Review: 8
Lufia is another solid RPG which depends on plot and gameplay rather than anything else. For those looking for a challenging game to play, Lufia would definitely fit the bill, as, even with quite a bit of levelling, some of the bosses can still pack quite a punch. Lufia also has one of the most memorable and stunning plot twists ever seen in any RPG.
16 Lufia II Review it!
Lufia 2 is very good combination of several genres. This prequel to the first Lufia is much more puzzle oriented than its predecessor, or successor, depending on how you view it. The dungeons have Zelda-like item interaction and puzzles, and some of them are truly ingenious. In addition, if you want to avoid combat, you'll have to plan out how to get around the monsters. Truly a classic game, and worthy of being re-released.
17 Suikoden Reader Review: 8
A shorter game, its length makes it perfect for long road trips or flights. The GBA could also easily handle the beautiful music within the game, something most handheld games lack.
18 Lunar Reader Review: 9
With witty dialogue, appealing graphics, and an epic plot, there are few who don't like the Lunar series, especially the first game.
19 Legend of Mana Staff Review: 8
With non-linear gameplay, the fourth chapter in the Seiken Densetsu series appeals to many, because it can be played in a different order each time.
20 The Legend of Zelda Review it!
With the popularity of the two recent additions to the Zelda series, we think it would be worth having the game that started it available again.
Tie-breakers are determined by the order in which the vote was received.

Most of these games could have a good probability of being re-released for the GBA. Enix is pumping out Game Boy Color remakes, and a new Lufia game on its way for the GBA. If Square and Nintendo decide to play nice, we could very easily see these games in a portable form sometime in the next few years. We hope you enjoyed our feature, and maybe inspired you to replay some of your favorite games. Let's hope this 'wish list' comes true.

Compiled by Anna Marie Whitehead, Ed Walker and Sean Peters
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