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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Art Book

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - Art Book

The Prince of the Underworld, his Vassal, and an Angel Trainee... This already colorful cast of characters is given exquisite life through the work of artist Takehito Harada. This stunning art book features biographical information, rare character art, and a list of the weapons and stats from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The only thing more likely to annoy Laharl than saying the word 'love' is you not buying this wonderful collectible art book.

  • 176 Pages
  • Japanese Language
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· $29.95 MSRP

Phantom Brave - Art Book

Phantom Brave

Phantom Brave - Art Book

Marona and her guardian, Ash the Phantom, have a long journey ahead of them, but nothing quite like the journey that Takehito Harada has gone through in designing countless lovable characters in his trademark pastel style. In the same family as the Disgaea: Hour of Darkness art book listed above, this beautiful collector's item features character biographies, rare art of many kinds, and lists and stats from the game Phantom Brave.

  • 175 Pages
  • Japanese Language
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· $29.98 MSRP

Shining Tears - Art Book

Shining Tears

Shining Tears - Art Book

This exquisite book features both the final color art as well as a number of the black-and-white sketches that lead to the character designs in Shining Tears. When it was released on the PlayStation 2 by Sega, RPGamer was on the spot to review the game; that review and the rest of our coverage can be found here.

  • 127 Pages
  • Japanese Language
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· $24.90 MSRP

Fullmetal Alchemist - Tee Shirt

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist - Tee Shirt

This comfortable, black t-shirt shows off the bloodmark symbol from Fullmetal Alchemist. The games in this series are based on the wildly popular anime of the same name and feature a fast, fun, and chaotic action based battle system accompanied by excellent music and eye-popping visuals. No otaku, videogame, or anime lovers wardrobe is complete without sporting a piece from this saga.

  • Black Color
  • Design On Back
  • Available In M - L - XL
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Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection - Sheet Music

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection - Sheet Music

From the bitter sweet 'Eyes On Me' to the macabre 'Succession of Witches' the Final Fantasy VIII: Piano Collection music CD had a widely varied and awesome mix of the best tracks to grace the game. This sheet music set features notation for thirteen of the tracks from the game, all of which have been specially arranged to sound as excellent as possible using only piano accompaniment. Regardless of your own proficiency with the piano as an instrument, sheet music from a score as brilliant as the one in Final Fantasy VIII makes a wonderful gift for your favorite RPGaming music major.

  • 56 Pages
  • 13 Scored Tracks
  • Arranged For Piano
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· $19.95 MSRP

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Full Metal Alchemist

Alphonse Pillow
Blood Mark T-Shirt M
Blood Mark T-Shirt L
Blood Mark T-Shirt XL
Duo T-Shirt XL
Edward Pillow
Edward T-Shirt L
Edward Wallscroll
Logo T-Shirt M
Logo T-Shirt L
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FFX: Postcards
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Yoshitaka Amano: Art Book

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Code Age: Guide JPN
Front Mission 4: Art Book
FM Alchemist: Playing Cards
Kingdom Hearts: Postcards
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Final Fantasy

FF Styles I: Piano
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FF Volume II: Piano
FFVI: Piano
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FFIX: Piano
FFIX Plus: Piano
FFIX Piano: Piano
FFX: Piano
FFX Piano: Piano
FFX-2: Piano
FFX-2 Piano: Piano
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Dragon Quest

DQ I-III: Piano
DQ I-V: Piano
DQ VI: Piano
DQ VIII: Piano

Square Enix

Chocobo's Dungeon: Piano
Chrono Cross: Guitar
Chrono Cross: Piano
Chrono Trigger: Piano
Front Mission 2: Piano
Musashi: Piano
Romancing SaGa 3: Piano
SaGa Frontier: Piano
Seiken Densetsu: Piano
Sword of Mana: Piano
Unlimited SaGa: Piano

Grandia: Piano
Pokémon: Piano
Xenosaga: Piano
Xenosaga II: Piano
Zelda: Wind Waker: Piano

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