The first seven months of 2007 have come and gone. In that time we have been treated to such titles as Rogue Galaxy, Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, Etrian Odyssey, Super Paper Mario, Odin Sphere, and the recently released Brave Story: New Traveler. Much to the joy of our hearts and the pain of our wallets, the last few months of 2007 are also looking to be packed full of RPGs. 'Tis a blessing and a curse, I know.

With so many great games coming out and all of the on-going discussing that takes place around the site, it seemed the appropriate time to feature the best of the upcoming RPGs. The staff of RPGamer were individually asked to list the top five RPGs that they were most interested in for the rest of the year. Polling is over and the results are in. It was tough for each person to narrow their own personal list, and in the end we had over 25 games mentioned; quite a varied list. Scoring was rather straight forward with each staff member's top pick receiving five points. From there the point values dropped by one with the fifth and final pick getting only one point. After much calculation, we were able to find our top five overall most anticipated RPGs for the rest of 2007.

This list includes console, handheld, and PC games that are currently scheduled or planned for release in North America before the end of 2007. This feature is solely based on the opinion of our staff. If you disagree with us, we are fine with that. We expect that. Our opinions are just that, our opinions, so feel free to comment. You can also share your own lists with us at the end if you would like. For now, I would like to present to you 2007's Best of What's to Come.

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