Honourable Mentions

There is a lot of variation amongst the staff, meaning that some of our individual favorites failed to break the top twenty overall. This is especially so this year with so many games to choose from. Here is a collection of ten games that narrowly missed the list along with other highly anticipated games from 2017 and beyond.

Cyberpunk 2077 Atelier Shallie Plus God Wars: Future Past
YIIK The Bard's Tale IV
Scalebound Digimon World: Next Order Pyre
Yakuza 6 Kingdom Hearts III

We hope you have enjoyed looking through this set of upcoming games, and that you are as excited for the year ahead as we are. Please join us on the forums and let us know your most anticipated games that are coming in the future, as well as perhaps any unannounced ones that you hope to see. 2016 already looks to be a bumper year for RPGamers of all tastes, and we're certain there's much more on the horizon.

Most Anticipated RPGs
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