RPGamer's Favourite One Shots

by Sam Wachter

There's a larger focus when crafting a feature to look at games that are a part of a larger series. Be it sequels or spiritual successors, more often than not they tend to garner a lot more attention than others games we cover. However, there are so many amazing one shot RPGs — games that can be just as amazing in even smaller packages. A lot of the games we are reflecting on in this "one shots" feature are games that have unique mechanics, interesting histories, right up to facisnating stories.

There was only one rule when this feature was set up: the game has to be a one shot. No sequels and no spiritual successors in a franchise either. The reason for this was that we wanted to create a feature where games that seldom get focused on have a chance to shine in a way where it's not connected to another franchise in some way. These are games where only one was made and it's the entire package from start to finish. These games are imperfect, but loveable. Some of them you only wish a sequel was made, and others remind you what a great self-contained experience they are. Please enjoy reading our thoughts and share your favourites on social media and on the forums.

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Alpha Protocol - Arc Rise Fantasia - Arcanum
- Bastion
Page 2
Beyond the Labyrinth - Child of Light - Crusader of Centy - Folklore - Infinite Space
Page 3
Helen's Mysterious Castle - Kakurenbo Battle Monster Tactics - Jeanne d'Arc - Lost Odyssey
Page 4
Radiant Historia - Radiata Stories - Resonance of Fate
Skies of Arcadia - The World Ends With You

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