HEX: Chronicles of Entrath Hands-On

by Anna Marie Privitere

I'm no stranger to TCGs. I grew up playing Magic: The Gathering, jumping in during Fallen Empires (1994) before exiting the game two years later. Fast forward to the Pokémon TCG release in 1999, where I served as a Gym Leader for over a year as well as an avid player and collector before exiting the game about two years later due to frequent moves. Then the WoW TCG arrived, Raid Decks got me back into the craze. Collecting and playing primarily at events like PAX, I was sad to hear when the game ended.

When the HEX TCG Kickstarter began in May of 2013, Chris was excited but I was hesitant; of the three TCGs I'd played, the one I liked most has simply shut down and disappeared. My interest in PvP games has waned over the years — I'm just not that competitive. Was it worth getting invested again? But then I heard the magic words:

"They're planning PvE!"
'Great!' I replied. 'Let me know when it's in and I'll test it out!'

Well, this week I had the opportunity to do just that when the HEX team invited RPGamer to its offices to test out its new campaign PvE before it arrives on January 26th. We also had the opportunity to sit down and chat about the game, its origins, and all the things that went into building such a massive game. Please choose a section you'd like to jump to:

History of Hex
Designing a PvE Campaign
Creating an "Unpredictable" AI
Hands on with the PvE Campaign

Disclaimer: Hex Entertainment, along with their publisher GameForge 4D GMBH and their PR agency Maverick PR were responsible for the arrangement, payment, and direction of RPGamer's visit to the HEX TCG PvE Event. No coverage, type of coverage, or favourable coverage was requested, implied, or guaranteed, and opinions expressed in this article may not be shared by other employees of RPGamer.

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