Valak Mountain, Xenoblade Chronicles
Alex Fuller
Wazn, Baten Kaitos
Cassandra Ramos
The Crimbo Saga, Kingdom of Loathing
Michael Baker
Northrend, World of Warcraft
Becky Cunningham
Narshe, Final Fantasy VI
Alex Fuller / Maxime Viventi

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A large number of us have endured the cold, miserable darkness of the past few months (we hope those of you in the Southern Hemisphere enjoyed the summer). For those inhabiting the world of RPGs, however, such concerns are easily ignored and clothing design can focus purely on the aesthetics instead of having to cater to the boring issues of practicality. This allows our intrepid heroes to explore wintery and snowy locations that would be otherwise impractical, if not impossible, to traverse in the real world. These locations can often be home to a game's most glorious landscapes and the settings for truly memorable events.

Some of our staff members have been kind enough to share their personal favourite wintery locations and their feelings what made them stick in the memory. We hope you enjoy reading about our Winter Wonderlands. Obviously we are not able to provide you with a fully comprehensive list ourselves, and so we also invite you to share a few of your own on our forums.

Many thanks to Cassandra Ramos, Michael Baker, Becky Cunningham, and Maxime Viventi for their contributions, and to Michael Cunningham for the banner.

Note - This feature contains spoilers for games that are a least a few years old. Care has been taken to remove story spoilers from Xenoblade.

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