Release Date (Japan): 07.07.2000
Release Date (NA): 11.13.2000
Preferred Platform: PS1
Other Platforms: PSN
Percentage Played: 88%
Percentage Completed: 100%
Scores (Out of 5)
Story & Cast: 3.9
Battle System: 3.5
Soundtrack: 4.0
Visual Style: 3.9
Originality: 2.9
Replayability: 3.2
Fun Factor: 3.8

Michael Apps
Many fans of the original Final Fantasy games felt alienated when Final Fantasy VII and VIII took the series in a different direction than the original titles. Apparently as an answer to this and as a reflection on the past games on the developers' own part, Final Fantasy IX returned to the roots of the series. Featuring a more fantasy-influenced world and countless references to past games, IX also introduced a battle system more closely resembling that of the SNES titles than the previous two entries. Though the story wasn't the best the series had seen, entertaining characters and locations kept things entertaining. Providing the typical stunning cinematics and a colorful cast of characters, IX mixed the best of old and new titles to produce one of the most stunning entries to date that even newer fans of the series can enjoy.

Mike "JuMeSyn" Moehnke
After playing Final Fantasy IV, my next FF experience was actually IX, made possible by a co-worker lending me his PS2 for the summer of 2004. Final Fantasy IX was the only game I really played on it due to other commitments sucking away time, but it certainly made me happy when I had it. The whole experience reminded me of those SNES Final Fantasy games I'd played, which wasn't a surprise given my long term EGM subscription, but it was still a happy occasion. This was another game that gave me the urge to try doing as much as possible instead of rushing straight to the conclusion, and the theme of its airship will always give me a happy feeling. I didn't pick up anything close to all the references it made to other titles in the series, nor did I need to for it to be a highlight of that summer.

Michael A. Cunningham
Ah, Final Fantasy IX. This is the game that goes back to the roots of what I loved about earlier Final Fantasy games. I really dug the characters and their return to being unique. Also, the fantasy setting was a welcome return after the more modern settings seen in the prior two games. The sad part about this game is that while I really enjoy it and love many aspects of it, I never seem to find it that memorable. It's fun and charming, but just doesn't stand out for me.

Zach Welhouse
Before I joined the RPGamer staff, I thought I was the only person who enjoyed this game. It was whimsical without being childish. It provided high adventure without the "cool-kid" posturing of the previous two games. It had a minigame about outracing a chubby hippo to win his trading cards. Another minigame was about catching and eating frogs. Naturally, Quina is my favorite character. The cosplay she inspires is only one of the reasons. Final Fantasy IX is the most enjoyable of the core games for costumery, with the sole exception of Final Fantasy VI costumes based on the Amano art. Between Quina, Steiner, Beatrix, and Kuja it's no contest.

My apartment contains two pieces of Final Fantasy merchandise at the moment: a FFIV Cid figurine and a Quina keychain. Move over, Eyes on Me. You're Not Alone is the best song now!

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