Release Date (Japan): 05.16.2002
Release Date (NA): 10.28.2003
Preferred Platform: PC
Other Platforms: PS2, Xbox 360
Percentage Played: 59%
Percentage Completed: N/A
Scores (Out of 5)
Story & Cast: 3.6
Battle System: 3.3
Soundtrack: 4.1
Visual Style: 3.5
Originality: 3.8
Replayability: 4.0
Fun Factor: 3.3

Michael A. Cunningham
With Final Fantasy XI, I was initially outraged when I heard about it. It was going to be an MMORPG and I wasn't having that. I was merely a reader at the time, but I wrote into RPGamer to express my anger at this game being a numbered entry. But then the game came out, and I realized that I was a little off base with my hate.

Final Fantasy XI was a great Final Fantasy game trapped within some of the more painful gaming mechanics. The story was interesting, when you could get to it. The characters were interesting, when you could interact with them. The soundtrack was amazing...well, it IS amazing throughout, so that wasn't a problem. The job system was fantastic, but was met with much prejudice by people you were forced to group with in order to progress. Basically, this game has all the makings of a Final Fantasy, but it was all hidden beneath too much padding.

Despite all of that, I spent around two years playing this. And while I never made it to max level, I enjoyed interacting with my Linkshell, The Nightly Elite, and partying with my static party Team {Connection Speed}, so named by our constant issues dropping connection at the worst possible times. It was great and I'd love to see the world of Vana'diel branch off into a single-player experience, but alas I don't think that will ever happen.

Jonathan Yearworth
This game is amazing. Distant Worlds makes me cry. That is all.

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