Release Date (Japan): 07.19.2001
Release Date (NA): 12.17.2001
Preferred Platform: PS2
Other Platforms: N/A
Percentage Played: 94%
Percentage Completed: 64%
Scores (Out of 5)
Story & Cast: 3.5
Battle System: 3.8
Soundtrack: 3.8
Visual Style: 3.8
Originality: 3.6
Replayability: 3.0
Fun Factor: 3.7

Michael A. Cunningham
I loved Final Fantasy X. I'm not sure if it had to do with avoiding all media about it prior to its release or what, but it really caught me off guard. I knew nothing about this going in. I had only briefly seen the cover of a magazine it was featured on and the game's cover itself, but that was it. I was going in fresh.

Once I started, I quickly fell in love. Auron quickly became one of my favorite characters of all time and the soundtrack blew me away. I can still flashback to different areas while listening to different pieces from the soundtrack. What really sold me was the battle system. I loved the completely turn-based system, but most of all being able to swap characters in and out mid-battle. It was great to finally have voice acting as well, despite the more cringe-worthy scenes. The little sayings that characters would spout to each other during combat was just a great touch. There were so many little things that made this game great.

The ending of Final Fantasy X was fantastic. From the raging metal music during the final boss battle to the tear-jerking farewell that came after saving the world, it was all amazing. This ending is one of the finest in the series...which makes what Final Fantasy X-2 tried to do to screw that up all the more painful, but that's a complaint for another time.

Mike "JuMeSyn" Moehnke
Winter 2011 is when I first experienced Final Fantasy X and I enjoyed myself quite a bit when playing the game. The story left a more middling impression, but what I took away from it had nothing to do with the actual content. Maybe it's my constant watching of foreign language films, but I like to see the words being spoken by onscreen characters match their lip movements. That isn't necessarily a deal breaker (witness most kung-fu or kaiju movies for times when horrible dubs don't ruin things), but the wretched lip syncing of X's spoken sections left a strong impression on me.

Zach Welhouse
When I grow up, I want to be a blitzball player. Or Wakka. Or ride a shoopuff. None of those dreams will ever happen. It makes me so tense and frustrated that all I can do is laugh. What I'm getting at with all this silliness is my favorite Final Fantasy tradition is the whimsy and sense of the fantastic that wends its way through the poreless faces and pretty hair. The noble sacrifices in Final Fantasy IV meant so much to me because the characters had relatable, human silliness that functioned alongside their noble intentions. This blend hasn't been as strong in the core games lately, so I've turned elsewhere for my fix. Still, it's hard to stay mad at Final Fantasy for all the good moves the series made. Nostalgia's just too strong.

At least I got to Seymour Guado.

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