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Grandia Xtreme (PlayStation 2)

Enix of America's next release is Gamearts' next chapter in the Grandia series, and is poised to make a lot of noise this next year. The game, which was originally rumored to be online multiplayer much like Phantasy Star Online, is instead just a very solid play experience.

The Enix America homepage sums this up much better than I can: A pause in the ancient conflict between Nortis and Arcada ends when a new spiritual power is discovered emanating from Locca. Suddenly, a string of natural calamities plague the land causing an elemental shift. You are Evann, a master of elemental forces and an unlikely hero. Gather a team of forces and travel to Locca to discover the source of evil magic!"

The combination of Enix and Gamearts has had many RPGamers very excited about the possibilities, and it looks like we are finally getting to see some of the fruits of that union. Do not pass over this title without giving it a look. Check out RPGamer's preview and our E3 impression for more details. Grandia Xtreme will be in stores on September 10th.

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