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Phantasy Star Collection (Game Boy Advance)

Between the RPGamer staff members who have played and loved these games and the RPGamer staff members who have not and are curious, (and have had to put up with those other staff members talking about them incessantly for years now) Sega's collection of the first three Phantasy Star games for Game Boy Advance is being avidly looked forward to.

Phantasy Star, which was released originally for the Sega Master System, is called a game very much ahead of its time, and true hardcore Phantasy Star fans claim that had it not been for Nintendo's dominance in the eighties, Phantasy Star would likely have led the RPG revolution, instead of Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Unfortunately, we'll never know.

However, now most RPGamers can at least see what all the fuss is about. While we could link you to the E3 impression, here's the jist of it: the game was 20% done, only Phantasy Star II was running, and it was an exact port of the Genesis game. We will just have to see it for ourselves when the game is released on Novemer 12th.

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