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Dual Hearts (PlayStation 2)

Atlus is known to RPGamers for bringing over some of the RPGs that, while not popular to all players, definitely have their own hardcore followings. Dual Hearts has the potential to break that trend, as it delivers incredibly fun action and RPG elements in a quirky yet entertaining environment.

The main character in Dual Hearts interacts with other characters in a town, but unlike other characters, he can jump INTO the other characters' dreams (or something along those lines) in order to help them solve some kind of problem, and in the process help him get keys to unlock a temple. He is, of course, a treasure hunter. (If it sounds like Alundra, that isn't surprising. Apparently part of the Alundra team helped make Dual Hearts.)

To spice things up, there is an added cutesy helper creature called Baku, who can actually be somewhat humerous at times, if the E3 demo holds true. RPGamers will find out for sure when Dual Hearts hits shelves on September 3rd.

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