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Good afternoon race fans! Oh wait.. that was last week. Woe to those of you who did not attend the USGP. Well, only if you're into Formula One I guess. ..nah, woe to you all.

I'm still deaf, broke, and sick so I'm not gonna fill the intro with much this time. Except for maybe a shameless website plug. Maybe? Ha! You knew it was coming. Let's just cut to the chase.

As you all know (no, actually none of you know) I am a huge Castlevania fan. I could go into detail. Lots and lots of detail. Fortunately for you all, I won't! For all you CV addicts out there, men and women after my own heart, I strongly suggest visiting the Castlevania Dungeon. This website is the authority on Castlevania. If there's something you can't find about the Castlevania legacy at The Castlevania Dungeon, chances are, it doesn't exist. Kurt Kalata has done an utterly amazing job at collecting just about every bit of information obtainable for the series.

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Whelp, that's about all I've got for you this update. What say we move along eh?

Notes From Fanfic Land

From Alanna: Not much to say this week. I'm exhausted! I know, I've been saying that for the past few weeks. But I really am now. I got a new job, though, so things might be getting a little bit better... Actually, I do want to note one thing: Please don't send us files in .zip format unless your story is over a certain size. It's tough on our end to get it readable, as over half of us don't use Windows -- and yes, I know that there are utilities for other platforms, it's just a pain. ^_^

From Alanna (10/3): Mea culpa maxima. Fixed one typo and a broken link. And the sad thing is that three people proofread this update...

Writing Tip of the Week

From Matt: Hmm.. writing tip. Ah, here we go: Be proud of your work. This may sound obscure, but trust me on this one. Chances are, if you're satisfied with your work enough for it to bring a hearty smile to your face, others are more likely to enjoy it! Okay, now go get em! ...stop looking at me like that.

With enough soap, we could blow up just about anything.
Matt Scipione

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New Fan Fiction - October 2, 2000
To select this week's fics, I coded a massive random number generator in Pascal which does about 17 calculations with the current time. After it came up with the same fic 42 times in a row, I pretty much just went down the line and chose ones I remembered really well off the top of my head.
The Monster
By: David Schwager
(Legend of Dragoon) Okay, haven't played it, but if this fic is any indication of how deeply seeded the characters are in the game, I'm so there. The character this fic deals with appears to have quite a dark side to her. Two thumbs up, say Siskel and Ebert.
The Gift
By: Alberto McKelligan
(Final Fantasy VI) Now this is interesting. This is about the dinner meeting between the Returners and the Empire from the point of view of none other than a cook. Interesting eh? Definately sparked my curiosity!
Wind and Sea
By: L. Malnassy
(Chrono Cross) *drooling* Oh yes, Harle is my hero. I dig most anything with Harle in it, and this is certainly no exception. This is a great little side chapter with my favorite little harlequin and Lynx in Marbule.
The Thief's Tale
By: Margaret Rennie
(Final Fantasy VI) This is just about the most complete and addictive back story I've ever read. Detailing Locke's entire life is no easy feat. This just rocks. Read, now.
Filgaia Will be Our Next Target
By: Boomerang
(Wild Arms) A cool little pre-game story about a planet the Demons destroy prior to coming to Filgia.