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So long, and thanks for all the fics 7 May 2005

Updater: ketsugi

Morrowind Journal
by Tim Cummings

Curator Comments: I'm not sure this is really a fanfic per se, but it's certainly a derivative work and I'm not that fussy anymore. Externally linked because it's constantly updated and I really don't want to convert the whole thing into a fic file anyway.

|Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind |

Delita, The King
by Nistelle

Curator Comments: None.

|Final Fantasy Tactics |

Friendly Jousting
by doc

Curator Comments: None.

|Final Fantasy VII |

The Infirmary
by Amy "Kay" Purcell

Curator Comments: None.

|Final Fantasy VII |

To Heal A Shattered Heart
by EagleHeart

Curator Comments: A longish fic, the first of three .

|Final Fantasy VII |

To Cleanse a Darkened Soul
by EagleHeart

Curator Comments: Second of three.

|Final Fantasy VII|

To Ease a Troubled Mind
by EagleHeart

Curator Comments: Last one.

|Final Fantasy VII|

by Jonathan Lundback

Curator Comments: One of the only submissions I had for the holiday fanfic challenge.

|Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne |

Lost Angel
by Cylla

Curator Comments: None.

|Tales of Symphonia |

Snow Dance
by Brian Conley

Curator Comments: None.

|Tales of Symphonia |

Xenosaga X'mas
by jamie

Curator Comments: The only other submission I had for the holiday fanfic challenge.


Soldiers Rise and Fall
by Deona Lindholm

Curator Comments: None.

|Xenosaga II |

Into The Wilderness
by Itz Mouldy

Curator Comments: None.

|Wild ARMs|

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (Jn 1:1)

This is it, folks. The RPGamer Fanfiction section as we know it is now officially over. I had a great time here, but various circumstances have led to the decision to shut down this section. Naturally this means the fanfic challenge is now over as well, with no winner.

Niki Dinner sends this message:

Thanks several great years of fanfiction goodness, gang! Keep writing those fics! I'll read them no matter where I go!

The fanfic archives will stay online in some form or another, for the moment.

I wanted to write something lengthier here, but now that I've come to it I find I have little more to say. I've posted almost all the remaining fics on the checklist in this last update, and I hope they more than make up for my lack of verbosity here.

This is it then.



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