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Welcome to RPGamer's Fan Fiction section. We have created this list of guidelines in order to better guarantee your fan fiction submission's acceptance as well as speed the editing process along. Help us and yourself by doing your best to uphold as many of these guidelines as possible with your submission.

Submission Content

1.First and foremost, no explicit sexual content will be tolerated in the submissions.

2.As RPGamer mandates all its material be rated Teen, we would ask your submissions to be the same. Moderated cursing, suggestive content, and violence, as long as itís nothing out of control, are acceptable.

3.If we find content extreme in any of the aforementioned categories, the submission will be returned to the author for editing and will include suggestions on how to do so.

4.Your submissions should be in proper paragraph formatting, however, the editors will assist any accepted work if the author has difficulty doing so.

5.The submissions are not expected to be the greatest works since the dawn of time, but we do expect a good deal of effort put into them. Coherent plots, proper characterization, well-thought out dialogue, creative imagery, and correct term usage are all necessary aspects for excellent fan fiction.

6. All submissions must be completed before they will be posted.

Review and Editing Process

1.Editors will first review the submissions and deem them acceptable or not. Not every submission will be accepted, nor should you consider it a personal attack if yours isnít chosen. The editor will provide an explanation as to why the submission was unacceptable and will provide some routes for the author to improve upon.

2.You will receive e-mails saying that your submission was received, usually by the editor of your particular work, and whether or not it is acceptable. If accepted, expect e-mails about any issues pertaining to your submission and feel free to e-mail your editor about any concerns as well.

3.The final edition of your submission will be e-mailed to you for your approval. To clarify, editing refers to sentence structure, paragraph formatting, spelling, etc. Deleting paragraphs/sentences, altering character behavior, or any change to the authorís style will not occur. We will, however, suggest such changes to the author, if deemed necessary, and allow the chance to do so.

4.After obtaining your approval, the fan fiction will be posted with a review by your editor. A comments thread will also be available for readers to use, so please be prepared for criticism, constructive or not, as civilly as you can manage. (Non-constructive criticism is heavily discouraged, of course.)

Submitting Procedure

1.Please submit your works as attachments and not within the body of the e-mail itself and label the e-mail [FANFIC] for the subject line.

2..doc, .txt, .html (Zip .html files, since the mail server will delete them otherwise), .rtf, and .zip files will be accepted. Any others will be rejected. If sending multiple submissions, please .zip them into one file and refrain from sending multiple attachments.

3.If using MS Word format, please do not use the ďSave as Web PageĒ option. Leave the document in the regular MS Word format.

4.Submit all fan fiction to By following the aforementioned guidelines, the process will run smoother and faster. We thank you for all your hard work and look forward to numerous submissions.

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