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So you are interested in submitting a tutorial for consideration to be put onto this section or you're looking at other tutorials and happen to think this is another closing. Either way, welcome to more information.

1. To submit a tutorial you must first understand the first, and most important rule. Do not, at any time, rip off the tutorial of another person. These tutorials are to be the original work of the submitter. Any tutorial posted here is the property of the author under assumption of originality, and any use on any site without their expressed permission is prohibited.

2. All submissions are to be in a .zip or .rar format. Inside that file should be at least three full-sized .jpgs of a process of creating art. This can cover the area from concept to the final save of the piece of art. Also inside of this .rar should be either a .txt or .html detailing your progress from beginning to end.

3. When finished, and naming your .zip/.rar it is to be named accordingly: tutorial - your name - tutorial title . For example, if I was to send one I would send it as "Tutorial - Jeff Walker - Drawing for Dummies.rar" When sending your e-mail use the following format:

E-mail/Webpage URL:
Topic of Tutorial:

5. Before e-mailing make absolutely sure your subject field reads: [TUTORIAL] - Your Name - Title. Again, mine would say "[TUTORIAL] - Jeff Walker - Drawing for Dummies".

6. Only use the .html template if you know what you are doing with HTML.


Have you read the above?
Is your file a .zip or .rar?
Are there at least three pictures of your process?
Are they .jpg?
Is your file named correctly?
Is your e-mail subject ready and correctly formatted?

Then send in your tutorial!


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