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I have this warm and happy feeling inside. It's the same warm and happy feeling I've gotten every time I opened up the fan art mailbox and found another wonderful piece of art mail just waiting to be opened. I also received a few other messages wishing me and the Fan Art section well. Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts, and the Fan Art section thanks you, too!

So for my first art-full update, we have a fine assortment of Final Fantasy art, as well as two Kingdom Hearts pieces (well, one is Kingdom Hearts 2, but you know what I mean). We also have our first works for Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, Pokémon Ruby, and Tales of Symphonia. Great job, everybody! Keep 'em coming!

Here's a quick preview of coming attractions. Next week, I'll be posting more of the art that has been submitted in the last week or two, so if you sent some in and you didn't see yours this week, check back next week! In the next week or so, we'll be announcing the next Fan Art contest, complete with an actual, real prize that one talented artist will hold in his or her hands after winning the contest. After that, you'll start seeing lots of other awesome additions to Fan Art, including more tutorials, the re-revival of Fan Art Q&A, and a bunch of other things that I'll come up with soon.

So keep sending in all of your awesome fan art, and I'll keep putting it up here for everyone to admire. Don't forget to follow the submission guidelines, especially the part about putting "[SUBMISSION] Artist Name - Picture Title" in your e-mail subject lines so that I can see them amid the ads for prescription nose clippers. And all you IRC people out there, come check out the new Fan Art channel at

- Nick "Almost Not a Newbie" Ferris


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