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Wow, what a difference a month off can make! Yes, I took a sabbatical for a month. Only my superiors knew of it, but boy did it work like a charm! So, I'm back with less the responsibility elsewhere. I've also managed to play a few games that I wouldn't have otherwise. For anyone with any doubts, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic lives up to the hype. Quite fun.

I've also started back up with a certain pet-related game site that claims to be "neo". Yes, I'm 21 years old and I ACTUALLY play that. My dork rating just went up bigtime.

As for the art this week, it is a great litter. I kept hold of them for this month and I knew they were going to be a great update for you guys. Well, I was right. Just look at that FF4 art!

Now, for a serious moment. I want to speak to Americans, and you know what it is about. Voting. In just under 2 months, a very important thing will happen. No, it isn't the new season of American Idol. It's an election that will affect you. Notice the letter on that affect, it will impact you personally. These men and women will be controlling your country for at least 4 years of your life. They will be making decisions for your future. What we spend today may push back your retirement for 5-10 years. The fights we do not fight today could make for your children to not be what you invision, and the fights we do fight could very well force you or your children into the fight. While politics may not be as clean as you want, we cannot ignore it as people of America and citizens of the world. Republican, Democrat, Independent, or all the above this election is important. Get out there. Vote. Have your opinion heard, so you at least know that the person in office represents your point of view and your opinions. Don't sit by and allow America to select for you. Our system may not be the best, but if you never take part you never help it get better. So get out there on November 2nd and vote for your candidate of choice. Be informed when you make that choice, and make that choice only after you've given every candidate a voice.

- Jeff "It's me!" Walker


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