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Well, it took long enough but finally I now wear the badge of being fan art curator for a year! I know, it's quite amazing after such a long time of shuffling around curators. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get all of this finished and kept me going along even when I was just fed up with it all. A special thank you to the special person in my life, you know who you are. Also the many friends I have met through this position, especially Paws. Thank you to the artists and to the people who gave me support, without you I'd probably be on the list of few updates curators.

With that out of the way, I'd like to go back in time for a little bit to a list I posted here and on the boards when I began of my goals.

Archive All Works - Done
Relaunch Tutorials - Done
Reconstitute Contests/Themed Updates - Done
Upgrade Archive Scripts for Themes - Waiting
Redesign Page - Done
Update All Policy - In Progress
Update Archives - Soon
Translate Copyright Law - In Progress

So it's been a very active year for RPGamer Fan Art, and I'm looking forward to yet another year of improving this section. Also, just a little hint, if you want to know a bit about composition...look in Tutorials.

- Jeff "Anniversary Boy" Walker


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