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    >> A New Journey...again!

Yes, even I am mocking the fact this is a very Final Fantasy-centric update. However, I can only work with what I'm given and it seems Final Fantasy is the game du joir. So here goes a call, if you have any fan art from the following games, go ahead and send them in: Persona, any of the .hack series(Infection, Mutation, Outbreak), Wild ARMs 3, or any other game without a huge archive. Even though Final Fantasy is a great series, we need to broaden horizons. So, if you have any artwork along the quality you see week after week then send it in!

I've been quite busy around the site in general this week and should be next week. I've been fixing old pages in our game section, which is a very hefty project. I know, it has nothing to do with this section but it does improve the site overall. So you may not see an update next week.

Also, you'll notice the sidebar got a bit of a change to it. Hopefully people understand what that is now. Tutorials are there too! The layout should be simple to use, as I've marked off what all you need to do with comment tags. Please be nice to the HTML in this design, as it is not an easy template.

I hope all of you had a great New Year, and are adjusting to school well. I'll see you either next week, or the week after. Oh, and for the curious: I will have been here a year next month. Yes, I do plan to make it "special".

Apologies to Hue Vang for holding his piece of Rikku until after the contest. I misplaced it in my directories.

- Jeff "Runic!" Walker


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