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You may notice there are two entries from the other week's Valkyrie Profile contest. This is due to inbox problems when my quota was exceeded. I allowed them to submit it but not be judged to be fair to those who did get their pieces in.

We will be running a themed update soon, which means there will be no scoring nor will there be winners. There will be no prizes awarded. It will simply be an update with a theme. The rules of the themed update are as follows:

Winter Holidays Themed Update - Due December 20th, 2003 at 11:59 AM at the latest.

1. All entries must meet the following criteria: they must have a winter/holiday theme. If you choose not to have Santa in the picture, you must have something showing a winter scene. Your piece must be colored, even if it is a quick 2 second coloring I will allow that as long as the scene is winter.

2. All entries must be in to the fanart mailbox by the above stated time. Any entries after this timeframe will be rejected without reply. The entries may be of any game we cover at this moment.

I'll be trying to get another update off soon, however with Final Fantasy X-2, .hack//MUTATION, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything inbetween I can't make guarentees. Thanks to those who understand and do not send me e-mails chiding me for not updating. Featured artists have been removed from the updates for reasons that I won't go into.

A little sidenote, if you'd like to see my review of Final Fantasy X-2 then go to this link. I would like to clearly state, this review is my personal opinion. This review is in no way affiliated with RPGamer. Thanks and have a good one.
- Jeff "Dreams can never fool me" Walker


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