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Valkyrie Arelea Aeralea - Valkyrie - 7.75 Icarus - Einherjar - 7.75 Midgard Sky
With Sleipnir Sir Lady Sketch - Valkyrie - 7.75 Tenshi - Valkyrie - 7.25 Sora no Valkyrie
Valhalla Peak Tiamat/Overwing - Valkyrie/Einherjar - 7 Derek R. - Einherjar - 6.75 Lost Soul
Die Walkurie Xanthe - Valkyrie - 6.75 Knight Of Styx - Einherjar - 5 Azure Ferocious
Einherjar Melnazar - Einherjar - 5 Rachael Marrow - Valkyrie - 5 Valkyrie
Contemplation Uinen - Valkyrie - 4 Daemonic Angel - Einherjar - 4 Einherjar
Jonen Mascot1063 - Einherjar - 4 Joshua DiDomenick - Einherjar - 4 IdleHerald
Riza Valkyrie Ultima Mayu - Valkyrie - 4 Golden Yak - Einherjar - 6 Utgard Loki

Twilight of Souls
"Twilight of Souls"
Artwork by Pamela Ramali
Valkyrie - 9.5
Friagabie, Giver of Freedom
"Friagabie, Giver of Freedom"
Artwork by Lynn Smith
Valkyrie - 9.5
Friagabie, Giver of Freedom
"Twilight of the Gods"
Artwork by Jeff Walker
Einherjar/Valkyrie - 9.25
    >> Ragna your rok!

I apologize in this update taking so long to get out. I managed to pick up some new games for myself including Kingdom Hearts and .hack//Infection. I was busy in playing Kingdom Hearts on Halloween so I didn't update. This week has scores instead of game names. These scores, in no way, reflect quality of the artist or is meant to make anyone superior to anyone else. These scores are as simple as that piece alone, not the artist or the skill. These scores are not just from me, these scores came from the informed opinion of three women all with different medium tastes. A thank you to Bisha Ali, Sword Serenity, and Anna Männikkö for all their immense help during this contest.

With that said, the critera for the judging was simple: Background or lack of, drawn quality, and use of background with the piece. Those pieces without backgrounds did end up lower than normal. Congratulations to our winners, Pamela, Lindsey, and myself. These pieces were judged by three people, all were asked independantly of their opinions on a 1-10 scale basis. The featured and listing was decided by me in case of tie, and all arts were judged as their own pieces.

This is also a friendly reminder: follow the guidelines. Do not submit works to me named "vivi.jpg". I am no longer accepting these works, no matter what quality. I'd also like to take this time to thank tuinte for coding this layout for me a few weeks ago. Without him, this layout wouldn't have looked as absolutely awesome as I invisioned. A huge thanks goes out to his hard work.

- Jeff "Badaboom" Walker


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