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This is going to be a huge opening this week, so if you don't want to know about our archives, my redecorating, about the contest, and more; skip it. Art is down below.

Yeah yeah, I'm late. I'm still here, though. The layout apparently has gone over nicely, since no one e-mailed me telling me it looked like a bunch of crap. I'll be working on it soon after the renovations to my room is finished. Just a thing to note, dismantling an entertainment center thats as tall as you and weighs more is not fun. Neither is cleaning up after a packrat, much less that packrat being yourself.

I recently got some questions concerning our contest, actually it is just one but I like to pretend people still need to know. So, without further ado:

How do I send you my entry?: The same as always. Just send it over to my fanart submission URL and label the subject field something to set it apart from normal submissions. "Einherjar Contest", "Valkyrie Contest", or "Valkyrie Profile Contest" are all acceptable. "Hello", "Hi", "Submission" are not because the first two get deleted as spam and the last one gets judged as a regular submission.

I don't get this...what am I supposed to do?: You are basically drawing yourself in honor of Valkyrie Profile, the RPG game released years ago. This can be in the style of the game, or you can add your own personal flare. However, males must be Einherjar and females must be Valkyrie's. This decision is to keep us from having gender crossing. I understand some Einherjar were female in the game, but then I'd have to let guys be a Valkyrie and that would cause me more problems than it's worth with soccer moms telling me I'm advocating transgenderism or tranvestism.

Do I have to draw it in the style of the game?: It would be nice, yes. However, I realize not everyone wants to draw themselves as the designs in-game. All I ask is they have some sort of armor and a weapon, so they look like warriors. I would prefer not getting bikini shots.

I will be extending this contest another month. I have gotten SIX submissions. I had gotten a host of e-mail before this claiming they would join the contest. Hopefully this will give you more time.

One last opening announcement has to do with our archives. Last week, after putting off work on archives for three or so weeks I picked back up and was quite surprised. We have officially passed 1,000 archived works. That makes for a big archive, if you ask me. A thank you to everyone who made this section one of the best collections of good fan art on the internet. Of course, that's just my opinion. *coughs

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"Final Fantasy Heroes"
Artwork by Hue Vang
Squall, Cloud, Zidane, Tidus - Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10

Artist's Comments: I had lots of fun doing this picture. I drew this picture for a school magazine and it actually made it in. I used ebony pencils for the original piece and I later scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. I've always wanted to do a drawing of all four of the FF guys together, and here it is.

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"Chocobo Boco"
Artwork by D'Ragonka
Boco - Final Fantasy 5

Artist's Comments: I love sweet creatures on FF series ^^ I like draw creatures and characters (Super Deformed style).

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"Gustave XIII"
Artwork by Cutter Covens
Gustave - SaGa Frontier 2

Artist's Comments: Gustave XIII from the RPG game, Saga Frontier 2, is one of my favorite characters, next to Raymond, Patrick, Narcisse, and Neblestem. I really like this game alot, I think it's such a great RPG game with a nice and simple but exciting plot-line. Not many people out there are a fan of RPGs anymore, it's mostly that new DOA volleyball game or some other destructive game to the mind, like those blood-and-guts games. Likewise, this is my first time drawing Gustave-boy, and it came out rather good.

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"Ifrit Project"
Artwork by D'Ragonka
Ifrit - Final Fantasy 10

Artist's Comments: Summons are really cool :) I like draw projects summons :D My favourite is Bahamut and Ifrit :> This picture is Ifrit project.

thumbnail - click to view
"Legend of Mana"
Artwork by Ashira
Hero and Heroine - Legend of Mana

Artist's Comments: I love legend of Mana, o i felt like drawing this ^.^;; well the sorwd is a little off. but i did it in pencil first and then i colored it on adobe photoshop 7.0.

thumbnail - click to view
"Man in Black"
Artwork by Pamela Ramali
Yuber - Suikoden 3

Artist's Comments: This might be a teeny itsy bit spoilerish for those who have yet to touch the game, but I'm sure his existence in the game's pretty much a common knowledge already X3; Done using Photoshop 7~

thumbnail - click to view
"Shuin the Neglected"
Artwork by MTL
Shuin - Final Fantasy X-2

Artist's Comments: Picture of Shuin sad because no one knows who he is [*long personal story*] Also because he is supposedly a spirt looking for his love, sorta like me. I am working on a colored version too. Drew this while in in a down mood.

thumbnail - click to view
"Squall and Rinoa"
Artwork by Hue Vang
Rinoa, Squall - Final Fantasy 8

Artist's Comments: This was a drawing that I did completely on the computer. I used Adobe Photoshop and started straight from scratch. I drew Squall's face first which took me a while. After I finished his face, I started on Rinoa's, which took me even longer. After that then the hard part was pretty much over. Their hair was very fun to do along with Squall's necklace. I enjoyed doing the detail in this picture. After everything was done, I messed around with the overall color balance and I added a drop shadow on them. It was a blast doing this one.

You're Still You

Well, thats it for this week. I actually planned this to go up last week, then last night but ended up busy with other things. However, it's up this week. I hope everyone enjoyed it this week. Keep in mind the contest is expanded to another month due to low turnout. Also, for any who guessed: Last week's theme was from Wild ARMs 3, a great PS2 game. If you are looking for a game that you haven't played, thats got a nice western theme, go for it.

Also, if you are going to guess on this update's theme, please do it on the forum. My e-mail is getting too packed to take many more messages. Thank you spammers!

- Jeff "Home to Stay" Walker


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