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Welcome to yet another installment of fan art fun.

I have been going through most of our game pages by hand and the archive renovation should be into phase 3 by this weekend. Phase 3 is clean up any entered errors, but to have this done I have to really bug Foxworth(he did our nifty database) for a delete command for some works/artists. This could take however long it takes him to add a delete command, since I don't know many programming languages. I am hoping for archives to be completely updated by the end of next month. Then I can officially say I've improved this section.

There is no artwork in this update because I will be working on a design to hopefully be released next week. Due to this plan, I really don't want to make an update full of artwork then have none for the new design. I currently have 14 works in approval for the next update, which means it will be a nice sized update when I put it all together and hopefully everyone will like the changes. I apologize for the inconvienance of not updating a full update, but...

Contest Notice


There will be a new contest starting August 29th. This contest is titled "Valhalla Contest", which I'm sure you're all absolutely anxious to find out what that means.

To celebrate the release of a great game 3 years ago, the Fan Art section will be holding a contest called "Valhalla Contest", in which everyone will design themselves as either a Valkyrie or a Einherjar from the great tri-Ace game Valkyrie Profile.


1. Anyone who wishes to enter will draw themselves or a likeness of how they picture themselves, as a Valkyrie or Einherjar complete with a background of some sort reflecting Asgard, Niflheim, Midgard, Muspelheim, Svartalfheim, or Hel. Explination of these lands are below.

2. All males will draw themselves as Einherjar, all females will draw themselves as Valkyries. You may draw a female Valkyrie modeled after someone else, however you may not draw yourself crossing gender lines. This is not a shot against transgendered persons, however we do not need male valkyries. The roles of each is explained below.

3. All entries will be accepted until Midnight (12:00) CST (Central Standard Time) September 29, 2003. All entries must follow the guidelines dictated within the RPGamer Fan Art Submission Guidelines and FAQ, if they are not then they could be disqualified. Depending on submissions content and quantity, submissions may or may not have a posted Comment section.

This contest is not in conjunction with tri-Ace, Sony, or any other section of No prizes will be awarded due to financial situation or lack thereof of the fan art curator, Jeff Walker. Winner will be announced on, or near to, the date of September 30, 2003. If you have any questions, please post them in this thread located at this URL. Happy drawing!

In This Update...

New Art: 0 Works
Upcoming: More archive work
Changes: Half of the archive work done.

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Asgard - The holy land of the Gods, the Aesir. Said to be either a heavenly realm, or a realm of great defense. Hosting a world of buildings and lands, it plays host to the Einherjar in Valhalla, the light elves, and lord Odin's own throne as well as retreats for the gods. It is said to be surrounded by forest and defensive walls, and is home to the Norse fates.

Niflheim - The land of Hel, the ruler of the dead and undead. Said to be a cold wasteland, chilling all who dare enter to the bone.

Midgard - Land of the humans, lush and full of life but also full of war. Any who have not died reside here perminantly

Muspelheim - The oppositeof Niflheim, Muspelheim is the land of fire.

Svartalfheim - Home to the dark elves, this is a land under the ground away from light.

Hel - The home of the death queen herself, this is the true land of the dead. Any who are here are unworthy to enter the hall of Valhalla.


Valkyrie - Battle maidens who bring the bravest of warriors into Valhalla. Once thought of as just maidens of death, they were later seen as Odin's protectors and finally maidens of battle. They also serve mead (fermented honey and water) to the Einherjar

Einherjar - Brave warriors slain on the battlefield who are taken to Asgard to train daily. The bravest of the Einherjar will follow the god Odin into war during Ragnarok, or twilight of the gods.

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