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Ok, so, I haven't updated a whole lot this month. It's really been an odd month. Personal dramas, birthdays, hosting Q&A and going through game pages 1-by-1 to find outdated pages as well as fanart pages that may not belong has really taken up my time. Not to mention I've gotten into learning some PHP and as I said last update Ragnarok Online is just plain crack. In between it all I've had little update time this month, and I apologize. To make it up to you, by the time everyone is back in school we will see fanart totally renovated from the inside archives. Everything will be up to date and we then we can all feel better, and I can feel accomplished! It's win-win!

So, now with that out of the way lets get on to the delicious fanart picks of the week, and let me tell you this is a full menu!

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"Havoc in the Castle"
Artwork by Ronnie Fernandez
Marle, Glenn, Crono, Ayla, Magus, Lucca, Robo, Flea, Slash - Chrono Trigger

Artist's Comments: This piece is an experiment in combining 2D artwork in a 3D rendered environment. Although I just recently finished my first CGI course and am therefore a beginner in the field, I am satisfied with the end result and plan on incorporating some CGI in a short, fully animated movie (also CT related) I'm currently working on (sort of like a tech demo for improving and demonstrating my artistic abilities). Anyway, I realize some may find this image a bit too crowded and perhaps a little too dark in some areas, but I believe these aspects help enhance the overall lighting. In the creation of this piece, I used Painter for inking, Photoshop for coloring the characters and special effects, and Maya Unlimited for the 3D objects and background. Overall, it took about a week and a half to complete.

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Artwork by Kykrie
Aeris - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: I wanted to do a fanart of kingdom hearts, then picked up aeris since she's the most simple one. Sorry for my laziness. But she looks very2 shoujo-ish here. *goes dig a hole*

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"Mysterious Wonders"
Artwork by RinoaZ
KOS-MOS, chaos - Xenosaga

Artist's Comments: When I first saw KOS-MOS, I fell in love with her design. I remember when Xenogears came out and Elly's costume was a challenge, but it's nothing compared to KOS-MOS! I liked chaos when I played the game, so I put both of them together. They're both mysterious characters, with feathers popping out of them continuously throughout the game. Why? I guess that's why there's 6 episodes, hence the mystery. I also haven't submitted anything in 3-4 years so, maybe I can try to be a bit more consistent :) [ Photoshop 7.0 ]

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"Meet me at Sky's Edge"
Artwork by Marie Lu
Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: Probably the fastest CG I've ever done--took about 3 hours, and I didn't really learn much since it's only a boring headshot. O_o; Still, I had fun with the coloring (sorry it's so blinding. @_@;;; i really need to stay away from the dodge tool.), and it didn't consume TOO much of my There's Sora, with unusually blonde hair. >D

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"Sonic Blade"
Artwork by Tal
Cloud - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: I did this awhile ago after I first played Kingdom Hearts and had Cloud romp all over me :). The background and the blade coloring were pretty much arbitrary, but I'm pretty satisfied with it.

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Artwork by Cyllya
Zidane - Final Fantasy 9

Artist's Comments: I copied an FMV screen shot for the BG, which all but killed me. x_X Zidane alone took about four hours, and he was the easy part. This pic done with Paint BBS (oekaki) v2.04.

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"Beautiful. Deadly. Graceful."
Artwork by Dennis Poon
Celia, Lede - Final Fantasy Tactics

Artist's Comments: The Assassins Celia and Lede are two of the coolest characters in Tactics. Too bad you can't get them to join your party (Stop Bracelet!!)! Anyhow, I took their basic character designs' sprites and changed a few things around. Lede gets some metallic stuff, while Celia gets more leather & lace accessories (and an Elmdor Keychain! :P).

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"The First Taste of Power"
Artwork by Kesterelmas
Magus - Chrono Trigger

Artist's Comments: I did this on Pseudoangel's oekaki board, on PaintBBS. I'm still not comfortable completely drawing in Photoshop, and unfortunately, I lack a scanner to color already-drawn pictures of my own. This took me a couple hours, with my tablet.

What can I do for you?

Well that's another update. I've been here half a year now, and it seems just like last week I was having Google upload my updates. Thanks to everyone who has made my stay enjoyable, and here's to making it to a year!

Last Week reference was from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the title from "Primeval" which was told to you in the closing header. The quote between by name was from the same episode, which means "Melt the air".

- Jeff "Zurui yo ne" Walker

Those 1000 words I couldn't say.

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