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There's little to excuse this break, but I have them anyway. I wanted to leave the message up as long as possible, my mother recently had neck surgery, and I got into playing Ragnarok Online. A deadly trifecta. With all of that sort of out of the way, I'm back to update this week with good news. I revised the guide and the FAQ to reflect the new changes. This means the 'title_name.jpg' format is now uniform. Also, archives are up to date except for the redesign contest, I'm still waiting on that to be added into our archive.

I plan on finishing up our archive this week sometime and go through game pages and remove sections which no longer have fanart. That is, if I can stop playing games. I'm an addict, I need help. Wah.

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Artwork by Filipe V. Aguiar
Cloud - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: I did this entirely by hand. Also, as you may notice the colors are a bit off because I din't have many coloring pencils. :) Another mistake; his left hand was supposed to be robotic-like, I had no idea about that.

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"Akai Katsu"
Artwork by Zakku
Cloud, Aeris - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: Erm, this was originally just a doodle I scratched up so I'm not sure whether I like it or would send it utter loathe. But anyway, this was actually just an experiment with Photoshop. I've never CGed before, so... yeah. Originally the picture had heavy shading, but I thought it looked much better in pastel colors so I just kept it this way with very light shading. (I also got lazy on Aerith's dress so I didn't finish coloring it. x_x Typical me) Oh, and I know that the arms and hands look mutated. x_X I need to practice heavily on them *cough*

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"Ari and Stan"
Artwork by Batty Hoshi
Ari, Stan - Okage: Shadow King

Artist's Comments: I looked through and saw no Okage fan art. Shocking! :O So I thought I was try and send mine in. ^_^'' I doubt it would get posted but oh well. Worth trying! :D I also must add, the smudge tool is my best friend. The colo pallete hates me. ;.; Evil Photoshop. XD As you can see, this drawing is symetrical. I drew one half, colored it, and pasted the reversed image on the other side. That top of the moon is driving my insane!

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"Big Pimpin'"
Artwork by Crome
Boy, Maria, Sprites - Harvest Moon

Artist's Comments: This is my third submission to RPGamer. What made me decide to do a third submission? Well, I was scrolling through the latest fanart sections on RPGamer and I saw a Harvest Moon fanart! I was like, "Wow, Boy is quite the ladies' man!" So I drew this. I hope you like it!

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"Die, Squid!"
Artwork by Cyllya
Hero, Dolphin, Squid - Crystalis

Artist's Comments: A picture I've wanted to do for a while now--the brave yet silent hero fighting from atop his loyal steed with the Sword of Fire! Yeah.... I want to do more Crystalis fan art, but it's hard to be inspired by 8-Bit games.... This pic was done with PaintBBS (with a little help from MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro).

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"Farewell to Squaresoft"
Sora, Sion, Terra, Squall, Cloud, Tidus, Zidane, Bartz, Serge, Crono, Aya - Misc. Squaresoft Games

Artist's Comments: Phew. This piece has been in production for almost 5 months. Constantly added on to and improved and here is the final product! Yes! It's several super deformed (chibi) versions of lead characters from Square games throught the years and lets hope that square-enix gives us even more! Amen!

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"Tifa Re-design"
Artwork by Chakaru
Tifa - Redesign Contest

Artist's Comments: Yes, I KNOW that the contest is over, but redesigning a character is so much fun... ;) So after redesigning Aerith for the contest, I did the next best thing and picked Tifa. I tried to capture her happy-go-lucky attitude but at the same time I tried to make sure that she still looks like the powerful and strong fighter she is in the game (not to mention that she is one of my favourite rpg-characters anyway). Took me days to make up a new design for her clothes...Again, all the colouring was done in Photoshop 5.0. So, hope you like it.

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"Yuna's Embrace"
Artwork by Jerimiah Ong
Yuna - Final Fantasy X

Artist's Comments: This is a piece of fanart of the rpg final fantasy X. It was drawn with pencils and then scanned and painted with photoshop 7. [Editor's Note: Want to see the original? Go Here Then!]


There you go. Before I continue just a note: I am human, I do like to slack off, and I do enjoy many things. Though I may work here, I do not appreciate e-mails stating: "There's been a lack of updates", "Where are you?", and the always fun "What, are you just lazy?" I would appreciate it if people keep the above in mind. I do what I can, but I'm not a robot and I do get burned out just like anyone else. If you want to know whats up, ask that but please do not prod updates out of me.

That said, hope you guys have a great week, and I hope to update next week sometime. Thanks and keep yourselves safe.

- Jeff "Im-a-sheng-ab" Walker

Paper Hotel was from Michelle Branch's "Hotel Paper"

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