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Welcome to another installment of everyone's favorite fanart column. Please make sure your matress is turned, your sheets are fresh, and your walls are covered with various bacteria. Done? Super.

No one guessed the last few titles. So, I'll give you where they are from!

Time - Time & Space

Lali lala, ladi da da - Jewel - Intuition

Not for your eyes - Changed from 'Not for your ears' by Evanesence

Let's see if anyone gets this one. It shouldn't be too hard, just think really hard! I ordered my new computer parts last night, they should be here within 2-4 days. Wee. On to the art!

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"Bump 'n Grind"
Artwork by Ling
Yuna - Final Fantasy X-2

Artist's Comments: This is a fanart for Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X-2 videogame that I initially sketched out on 9x12 bristol board and then scanned onto my computer. It was painted and finished in Painter 7 and Photoshop 7. I'm selling a mounted print of this at Fanime con (Santa Clara, California) this weekend (6/20) so if you're attending the con, check it out in the art show and maybe put in a bid. X3

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"Akai Ito"
Artwork by Kitt
Auron, Lulu - Final Fantasy X

Artist's Comments: It's been over a year since I submitted anything, so here's one of my first FFX pieces - Auron and Lulu, bound by "akai ito" - "red string", in accordance with a little Japanese saying I heard of. The red string supposedly binds soul mates together, and Auron and Lulu are so much alike and they make such a handsome couple, so I say they've got the string thing going on ^_- In colored pencil.

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"Breathe is Good"
Artwork by Staci/Nadia
Mr. Saturn - Earthbound

Artist's Comments: Woo, first picture I've finished in a year, and first submission here in many years... ^^;;; I've never played Earthbound myself, but I've watched my fiance play and I've played Super Smash Bros: Melee. The little Mr. Saturns are SO adorable, and so are their speech and font! Their quote "Breathe is good!" inspired this cute little springtime pic. I actually drew it for last year, but with all my monitor problems, I had to wait till this year to color it in Photoshop. Sadly, some of the finer details were lost when I shrunk the image size, but I'm still really happy with this pic. And yes, that IS an actual Mr. Saturn text font!

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"Fallen Angel"
Artwork by Zakku
Cloud - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: Cloud is definitly one of my favorite characters to draw. I just love making up costumes for him and trying him out in different positions. Basically this is a picture of him for a doujinshi I'm working on with a friend, which was colored by an online friend of mine. This is also my first submission here. ^_^;;

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"Kairi and Sora"
Artwork by Darcy Ripley
Kairi, Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: Its took me a while to do because i wanted the shading to be really good. It's done with a don't do drugs pencil and a little charcoal for the dark parts.hope you like it!^.^

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"Open Your Heart"
Artwork by babyjami
Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: i like how the blue faded to a purple tint in some places. the nose looks kinda funny though =x

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Artwork by Fang
Terra - Final Fantasy 6

Artist's Comments: Characters in red and green are just beautiful.

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Artwork by Pamela Ramali
Terra - Final Fantasy 6

Artist's Comments: Ah, a new FF VI fanart ^o^ FF VI is perhaps my favourite out of the series, and I'm obsessively fond of the characters. This is an experimental Photoshop 7 CG~ I tried a different style, as well as a different technique for coloring. Proud of it because it's my first completely Painter-free real CG within the last couple of years :D

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That's it! I'm behind on the archives, I know this. I'm waiting on the script maintainer to add in a contest area for me. I'll be adding non-contest after this update, and contest will just have to wait. Also, I want to say it again; read the guidelines. We only have one or two people having issues with them, and all usually newer, but I cannot stress it enough how following guidelines means you either win a top spot or get put in backlog.

I'll be testing with update days since some changes are on the way. Check in every day next week to see when. Weekend updates are no more, it's happening during the weekdays, but I have to settle on a day. So far, Monday seems nice. That's it, enjoy your week!

- Jeff "Where are you now?" Walker

'til I get over you.

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