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7th Dragon - Tokyo Game Show Impression

7th Dragon
Developer: imageepoch
Publisher: Sega
JP Release: 2009
NA Release: N/A

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Once in a while a new title is announced with a development staff that has a great track record. 7th Dragon from Sega and image epoch is one of those titles, directed by Kazuya Niinou of Etrian Odyssey fame. As an old-school RPG this title has many of the basic elements in line, but whether it can do more than that is unknown.

"For RPGamers looking for old-school appeal, 7th Dragon shows promise"

The game's plot involves a battle between humans and dragons on the planet of Eden, where the dragons are about to wipe out the humans forever. There is something very old school about this game, as the battles are turn-based and not terribly different from those of the original Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, or the director's own Etrian Odyssey. One thing the game does well with is its graphics; the choice to use 2D over 3D models utilized in some other DS titles was a smart one. Unfortunately, it is one of the few good things running for the game. The battle system and other gameplay, while solid, offered nothing particularly new.

Differing from the Etrian Odyssey design, is the top-down exploration design, instead of a focus on mapping our a dungeon. This alone, might sway some that enjoyed the challenge of EO, but didn't like the map building aspects.

Perhaps this is by design, looking to be like Etrian Odyssey. For RPGamers looking for old-school appeal, 7th Dragon shows promise, but at the same time there have been plenty of other games with similar mechanics. As it is still in a early beta stage there might be some more changes in the title, but for now we will have to wait and see.

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