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Liddel - Our suspected protagonist

Fans of action RPGs, creepy crawlies, and Tim Burton movies, take note! NIS America has just announced that Nippon Ichi Software and HitMaker have come together to create A Witch's Tale, a Halloween inspired adventure. While initial details are so scarce we don't even have screenshots to display, NIS explained that the game would be an action RPG set in a Halloween-esque world. Even though we didn't get to see the Tale in action, we were able to watch a small trailer and talk with some of the people currently working on the game to find out a little information about its unique story and setting.

According to local legend, it has been approximately 1000 years since a tribe of powerful and deadly Witches snuck out from the netherworld and invaded the relatively peaceful surface world. Wielding dangerous magic spells and potent incantations, the dark Witches proceeded to take over the surface world by force, leaving many surface dwellers fearing for their lives. When all else seemed lost, a mystical woman named Alice appeared, using her own brew of the enchantresses' dangerous magic against them to send them back to their own world. While all has been relatively peaceful since Alice sealed them all away, rumor has it that the Witch Queen still lurks beneath the surface world, waiting to take back the world that was almost hers.

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Dost thine bell toll for thee?

Even though important story details about the game's protagonist Liddel and her objectives weren't discussed at the event, NIS did discuss some of the unique features found in A Witch's Tale. According to NIS, you'll be able to control most of the adventure via the DS' touch screen, including using the stylus to draw magical runes that unleash Liddel's arcane superpowers. Throughout the game there will also be special collecting cards to be found that unlock special "Black Jack" battles where you can fight both friend and foe for spoils. On top of all that, A Witch's Tale also boasts a special post-game chapter filled with more areas to explore and story to uncover after all seemed to be said and done.

Although we didn't get to see A Witch's Tale in motion at the press event, NIS representatives stated that the game is coming along rather nicely and should be ready for a timely October release. It's not every day that All Hallows' Eve is the theme of an entire adventure, so keep an eye out for more details on this unique title when we get them.

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