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Warhammer Online Gets Second Chance

Derek Cavin

Warhammer Online

The original Warhammer Online ceased development several months ago, but fans may see its completion yet. Mythic recently announced that they had attained exclusive rights to create MMORPGs based on the Warhammer franchise for PC and any additional consoles they wish to develop on. Currently, only information about a PC version has been released and is estimated to appear in stores some time in 2007. Mythic has been responsible for developing and publishing other MMORPGs such as Imperator and Dark Ages of Camelot.

“I have always been a big fan of Games Workshop and Warhammer and I am thrilled that we are now able to work on one of the world’s greatest and most enduring fantasy gaming brands,” said Mark Jacobs, CEO and President of Mythic Entertainment, Inc. “Our goal for this first of what we hope will be many Warhammer-based games is to create the single-greatest RvR-based MMORPGs in the industry.”

“Warhammer fans around the world can be assured that our new partnership with Mythic, a company with fantastic credentials in delivering great online games, will result in a truly compelling online experience,” said Andy Jones, CEO of Games Workshop’s Entertainment and Media Division. “We are really looking forward to working closely with people who share our passion both for the world of Warhammer and for making games of the highest quality.”

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Warhammer Online
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