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Okay, now if I was unimpressed with Webzen's Mu, this game reached new levels of just 'who the heck are you trying to fool'? Heading over there, I had the pleasure of watching the thing crash right on start seconds in and having to move to a second unit. Unfortunately, I clearly would've been lucky had that been the only unit on the floor.

Picking a character and choosing quest mode, which was the more entertaining one according to the press agent standing behind me, and waiting through the slightly long loading time, I went ahead started traveling through the world when two things caught my eye immediately. The first, is that they weren't doing proper graphic filtering on the textures for the ground, as they were jaggedy all over the place as I walked and could very easily be noticed transitioning. The second, was that I could visibly see the end of the viewing area as things would cut off visibly on screen and slowly reveal as I walked. This pretty quickly killed the notion of the graphics being impressive in any vein, but being not particularly a graphics person, I kept on to see how the gameplay worked.

"Two! Two guns! Ah, Ah, Ah!" - The Count

I promptly got a pop-up message on screen telling me to kill five somethingorothers to break the seal. What seal? I had no idea, but I went ahead and seeing a set of enemies rushed into them and defeated them with a few slashes of my sword, never really ending up in any danger. Eventually I got a message that the seal was broken and I was allowed to pull this switch and go over the crossbridge where I was promptly told to smash a few pillars. Hard to guess which as there were a bunch, but I went around trying to smash them while killing a few dozen more of the fodder enemies that filled the area and eventually had a few decide they were explosive and crumble when I was close and clicked on them a dozen times. Finishing this quest I walked across to find myself in another kill enemy bit. At this point I put down the keyboard and was ready to walk away until the Webzen tour, convinced that this game was trite, boring and unimpressive on pretty much every front.

Which would end the impression, save that the press agent decided to share a little tidbit with us during the tour by accident. While he was busy talking he did, in fact, manage to get killed. This took a bit with six enemies striking, but it happened. Good to know it was in fact possible to die. But what happened next? The character promptly respawned in the same spot, only to be beaten to the ground over and over and over again. Asking whether this would be included in the final version I got an answer that what I saw was in fact how it'd work, though the time dead would be tweaked a bit. So on top of the other stuff, apparently this game will have the issue going with it of respawning you in hostile territory over and over again, which I suspect will be quite a bit of fun for players of this game.

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