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Even though this is my second visit to E3, it always shocks me that there is such a Korean presence in the area. This isn't just in the city of Los Angeles itself, but also with the entire mass of Korean companies that churn out the most curious items. One of them that wasn't banished to the third-world known as Kentia Hall was Webzen, who drew a wonderfully large crowd for a Diablo-style clone called MU.

One has to ask - why would a Diablo-clone be impressive after all these years? Tasty graphics...that's why. I asked some questions of one of the Webzen employees, who was more than happy to show me some of the gameplay features. Among other things, the PCs themselves look marvelous. A lot of this is because each PC has a customizable appearance, with a total of over 3,000 possible looks. Whether this is just carefully calculated PR spin is up for debate, but I was impressed with the gameplay. My character was a Paladin-esque angel battling some demons, and I had a few skills to throw at them as well.

The employee claimed that MU had sold over three million copies in Asia. If MU keeps up the pace they've started at the convention, they just might have a winner on their hands - despite the venerable roots it gets its gameplay from.

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by Wesley Fonvergne    
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