MU Online First Impressions

We haven't heard much from the Korean company Webzen about their MMORPG. From what I saw and heard while playing the game and talking with their representative, this game needs to jump across the ocean.

The game play is much like that of Diablo so it didn't take long to figure out how to play. (the demo on the floor is still in Korean) While you still have healing potions and magic potions, your health and mana replenish gradually as you aren't using magic or being attacked. For the purposes of the demo, the characters were invulnerable so I can't really say how difficult play is.

While playing the game one of their representatives came up and I had a chance to get some interesting information that sets MU above other games of its genre. Webzen is constantly releasing patches adding new items and and monsters. According to the rep. there are currently over 100,000 items in the game. With over 10 million registered users between China and Taiwan (over 350,000 concurrent users) and a constantly changing environment, I hope this game sees a state-side release.


by Ed Walker    

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