E3 2001

Tales of Destiny 2 Game Impressions

I caught a chance to play this Namco game at the convention and I was rather impressed. The scene I played through began with a conversation between two characters, Farah and Reid, about a third character that was nameless. After the conversation, which featured extremely easy to read text with a flowing translation, finished, I was able to explore the first town.

It was at this point that I managed to experience the graphical beauty of Tales of Destiny 2. The game is usually played at a three-quarter isometric view with extremely detailed characters reminiscent of Xenogears. The view could not be rotated or changed within the town, but once my characters exited through the southeast corner of the town, I found myself on the world map. The map reminded me quite a bit of Xenogears, with two-dimensional characters superimposed on a three-dimensional world. It was here that I found myself in my first battle.

The battle system was rather unique, and though I found it entertaining, I am not sure exactly how it would last throughout the later part of the game. The battles are completely real-time, with two of my characters controlled by the computer and the third controlled by the player. It should be possible to switch characters, though I did not discover how. Enemies are targeted by pressing a button, and once an enemy is targeted, the action button can be used to slash whenever the player desires. Well-timed hits seemed to do more damage, and they also seemed to help to dodge enemy attacks. After the battle, I was forced to leave, but I left impressed by the newest game in Namco¹s Tales series.

by Justin Weiss    

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