E3 2001

New screenshots from both versions of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 showing all sorts of things from the game, 30 shots to choose from! Along with the new screens, we have 3 pieces of artwork.
     by Ed Walker       06.03 17:52

A good helping of artwork and screenshots with a dash of movies. Enix is doing a mighty fine job with this GBC remake of the NES classic.
     by Ed Walker       05.28 16:56

A new trailer from the Baldur's Gate II Expansion. Featuring a lot of footage from near the ending, this proves you will die frequently against big monsters.
     by Anna Marie Whitehead       05.28 12:20

Get ready for a wave of nostalgia with screens from both Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger, as well as art from Chrono Trigger. I'm not sure if spoiler rules apply with games this old, but just in case, be warned that some of the shots contain important scenes.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.28 02:20

Have fun with a few more screens and artwork from the upcoming addition to the Dragon Warrior universe. The screens are nothing special, but the artwork is grotesquely large.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.27 23:50

Check out some screens for both the PC and Xbox versions of Morrowind. Both look pretty similar, and both look amazing. The PC screens are slightly larger, though.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.27 22:50

The Dragon Warrior series is almost as old as consoles, yet each new titles continues to change the way we think about RPGs. Read what we thought of the latest of this series.
     by Mikel Tidwell       05.28 16:20

There hasn't been a Zelda title on the handheld in over two years. Has Nintendo, with the help from Capcom, found the ultimate combination to help polish off their handheld dominance?
     by Mikel Tidwell       05.28 16:20

A tactical RPG gem which managed to stay unknown for so long is finally brought into the light for all to see. Click here for what seems to be one of the sleeper hits of the year.
     by Melinda Nguyen       05.26 11:00

A whole lot of screens dominate this Hoshigami update, which contain more of the same type of pics as before but with greater clarity. Don't forget to check out the fantastic new trailer, which shows the game in motion along with a sampling of music.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.24 06:40

For those of you who prefer their RPGs to have more of a fantasy base, here are some new shots from Dungeon Siege, for the PC. Few things make better enemies than the undead, as readily shown here.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.24 06:40

Have fun with these big and beautiful screens for this PC MMORPG from Westwood. The space scenes shown in these pictures capture the sci-fi setting perfectly, and show an amazing amount of detail being put into the game.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.24 06:40

Here are the first screens for Square and Disney's joint project, Kingdom Hearts. Graphically, the game appears similar to Square's usual RPGs. Also, for those of you who like giant pictures, the artwork is practically life-size.
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.23 23:55

Don't call it "Evergrace 2"; call it much more promising than that.
     by Matt Scipione       05.23 01:00

RPGamer drools over the upcoming action-adventure RPG from Capcom.
     by Matt Scipione       05.23 01:00

Five years in the making and almost ready to go: RPGamer's Anarchy Online impressions.
     by Denise Paolucci       05.21 20:00

Interplay leads the market in PC RPGs at this year's E3, with three different titles on display, as well as a Baldur's Gate for PS2. These are all must-see for fans of PC games.
     by Rob Hamilton       05.19 13:08

Lots of images for the new Game Boy Color installment in the Lufia series, including several screens and some humongous, high-resolution files of character artwork.
     by Rob Hamilton       05.18 16:48

Take a look at the next Game Boy Color incarnation of this farming sim series. It looks to continue the farming and relationship traditions set by previous versions while throwing in its own contributions. Snowboarding, anyone?
     by Brian Rogovitz       05.18 19:17

The latest information from the Sega floor on their most recent port of the first ever online console RPG, Phantasy Star Online. Other expected enhancements have been discovered as well.
     by Doug Hill       05.17 20:30

RPGamer makes sure that the vital components that made Final Fantasy IV infamous are left intact, even with Square's threat of a fresh approach.
     by Matthew Wanlin       05.18 01:10

The third in Namco's popular Tales series was shown at this year's E3. Find out what one RPGamer thought of it.
     by Justin Weiss       05.17 22:30

First thoughts on Square's port of their classic Super Nintendo titles.
     by Matthew Wanlin       05.17 21:00

Our first look at the North American version of the Japanese title originally called Beelzebub and I.
     by Matthew Wanlin       05.17 21:00

The official announcement of the rumored Square/Disney RPG title.
     by Martin Drury       05.17 20:30

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