A Time to Retire

Perspectives with JD | December 14, 1999

After much deliberation I've decided to, at least, for the moment resign my duties here at RPGamer/Editorials, but first let's read some of your opinions!

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I don't really like saying Good-bye so I'll try to keep this as to the point as I possibly can. Due to never really getting into the groove of updating, and quite frankly this really wasn't my "cup of tea" section...I've decided to hand off this section to Doug aka Stom. He's been in our news department and I am confident in his abilities to take over. Hopefully there will be the actual 2 week update routine.

My future here at RPGamer is still uncertain...After 9 months I think I've done all about I can. With my up and down schedule, for the time being it is probably for the best, that my duties here are relinquished. But Mike Tidwell graciously asked that I remain in my reviewer-ship position...I know how you all love my reviews :D, but I will make a final decision on this after the Xmas break. Have a good holiday ya all and keep it clean...So for the last time Peace out my little writing savants.

  - Jeff "teary eyed Warrior (How could I leave without an YS reference!)" Davis

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