Editorials for  December 21, 2000
  Holiday Volunteering

Notes from Mistress Nightshadow: I'd like to thank Chimerasame for helping me do this particular update. I scalded my hands pretty badly on the 20th [19th American PST time.] dealing with boiling hot water, and one can't type nearly as well when you got blisters over your fingers, or do that much work on a computer. [Or play RPGs for that matter, I can't hold a control pad for long.] I should be better by next week... I better be, because I'm looking forward to the 25th and 28th of December.

I couldn't confirm people's editorials or do much e-mail due to this either. All projects have been put on hold for at least the time being, due to my condition and the fact that all my assistants have been released for the holiday break and are having fun for a change. [Well, they better be having fun.]

Now here's where I begin! You may know me from New Media, which admittedly hasn't had many updates in the last couple weeks, but I can safely blame that on finals and say that the amount of work done in that section will soon pick back up. If you ignore the news and media updates (Bad you! ... Ok, you're forgiven, but stop ignoring them in the future...) you might know me from the handful of Q&A columns I did. You can see links to them on my bio page, linked to from my name below. I may do more this weekend, though I'm not sure yet; apparently Chesh has a very difficult time doing updates from home due to the connection there and the general setup of everything. He does Q&A with Hotmail. Crazy, ne? The point is, if I'm lucky I'll be doing Holiday Volunteering Part II then, for Q&A.

Now then, enough about other sections. On to the editorials I know and you know you came here for! The toughest part of this job is deciding which editorials I have to drop. I shouldn't say drop, I should say defer.. even some of these have been deferred previously. There just isn't enough space for all the editorials Mistress Nightshadow gets, you know? The number posted each week has to be small enough so that each one gets enough attention... I honestly wanted to include all the ones I was sent, but after much deliberation narrowed it down to twelve. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry... ok, they might not make you cry. Well, if you want to cry from one, print it up, and give yourself lots of papercuts. If that doesn't work, poke yourself in the eyeball with it.


Ok, these things I have said are obviously further evidence towards the hypothesis that, since I act like I am on crack, but have never actually done crack, I must therefore have a pancreas that produces crack in addition to insulin. Why pancreas, you ask? Why not pituitary gland, or gallbladder? Simply because pancreas is a funnier word! I mean, come on. Pancreas. The only funnier official word for a body part which I can think of off the top of my head is "aorta." And aortas don't produce anything, they just carry stuff.


Aaaanywaaayy... Read some eds. Read about dragons and plastic. Read about Final Fantasies, read about strategy guides. Respond to them if you like, too. But don't send rebuttals to me because this isn't really my section, I'm just an impostor. Also, don't use MS Word to make HTML. If you know how to make HTML, great, use the provided html template and manually edit it... if not, I think it's a lot easier on our end to deal with ordinary text files than it is to deal with HTML made by a WYSIWYG editor. (Layman's terms: pretty much any editor you see that doesn't involve editing the code by hand.) if you HAVE to use a WYSIWYG editor, there are better ones than MS Word. Pretty much any one out there is better than MS Word. Netscape Composer is a decent free one, and Dreamweaver is the best one I've used personally. (Though I haven't used it in months as RPGamer's HTML is all made by hand, with a few pages made by CGI scripts.) Well, enough random ranting for me, you should read the actual editorials now. Gomen nasai, Nightshadow-sama! ^^; Hope you feel better soon.

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