Editorials for  December 7, 2000
  Let's do magic baby!

Well, what can I say this time? Either you guys just love me and send editorials by the truckload, or you guys happen to be inflamed by something I put up last week. Looking through the submissions this week, it seems a LOT of you felt like grabbing certain editorialists [Don't try this at home kids] and were wanting to teach them the hard way the other side of the argument. Most likely with a very dull knife and a flamethrower.

Unfortunately, there were so many rebuttals to these editorials, that I just couldn't put them all up at once. I'll e-mail all those who submitted the editorials and we'll see what goes from there.

*Disclaimer: RPGamer does not endorse or condone the use of violence. So don't go claiming I told you to do it when someone cones to arrest you.*

Disclaimers to cover me aside, we'll look at this weeks editorials... We got all sorts of stuff, ranging from a theory concerning Final Fantasy VII and VIII to several people lining up their sights on previous editorials. There's also impressions and ideas concerning Final Fantasy 9, including one from Joshua "Darien" Maciel, the longest running editoralist to date, reminders about the Final Fantasy before us, and the thoughts concerning different mechanics of RPGs. More Chrono Cross Mayhem, and some interesting thinking and you get that magic feeling.

Let's see... what other cards can I pull out... Oh yes, on the December 5th's Q&A it was suggested that I would be hauled over to Q&A and be interrogated until the sun went down and I dehydrate from too much talking. I know it's bad for my health... let's see, I be much more valuable alive to you guys, I could do...

Ahh, hell with it. I feel lucky today. Expect to see me there Friday December 8th... for better or for worse. I know it's never good for you but... why not?

In other news, the archives are moving along slowly with the help of a few devoted, caring, and most importantly not very sane volunteers [Just kidding!] in helping me sort out these archives. Although we've covered a lot of ground, we've still got a long way to go, particularly since recently I've been swamped with obligations and duties [Which I love doing, but it does take time]... but I think we'll get somewhere soon.

I hope that's all... Hey, how did a copy of Final Fantasy IX get here, even though it's not due for release here for another three months? Oh yeah, THAT'S right. I'd like to thank one particular person [I'd embarass him if I named him here] for being cra... er, kind enough to post me a copy, with everything including an instruction booklet... not in French.

What the? There's more cards... A 2/2 Goblin... Oh, they're just my newly collected magic cards. Just picked up that minor addiction a couple of days ago, and I guess I don't regret it.

I'm sure that's it for this week... Well, have fun reading and writing! I'll be back next week with more.

PS: Someone this week gave me an editorial, but I couldn't post back, cause it bounced for some reason. Odd to say the least. Try to use e-mail addresses I can post to? Just a thought.

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