Fighting Spirit
November 17, 2003

The Mark of tuinte U P D A T E D    A R T I C L E S


Episode 1: No Need For Heroes / Mysterious Evil Remix Party
   by Tyler Morris
"RPGs are riddled with overused ideas, this we all know. We also know that there isn't anything original under the sun. But have we ever questioned if there's anything original over the sun? That is what I'm here to discuss, in this five-part, episodic roll in the hay with role-playing games' most common and clichéd formulas. I intend to tackle a number of things, but even the most fantastic of journeys is started with the smallest step."

RPGamers: The Quest for Paradise
   by Anthony Caudill
"The only walls around us are the ones we build ourselves. With function type analysis of ourselves and each other, we can compensate for the very real differences between our perceptions of reality and of each other. It'll take effort--sensate people are not great visionaries, and intuitive people are not very at home on planet Earth--but by conscientiously working together, we can make a better world for ourselves and for everyone."

Respect; Give It When It's Due
   by Billy Easley (DMC)
"To say I don’t like the whole .Hack scene Bandai has so craft fully woven into a franchise would be a lie; and a bad one at that, even if it does come dreadfully close to the truth. But to say I enjoyed playing through the .Hack games? That would not be a lie at all; it would be a monstrosity of a comment; a ruination of what I truly felt when I played through the game."

Square Sucked Out The Fun in its Mini-games
   by ice_blue (Phong)
"There is only so much time and effort a person can devote to a single game, and if I expend a lot of my time and effort into something, the pros better outweight the cons. I'm really referring to FFX. Most of the mini-games were tediuous and/or time-consuming, and the benefits for all the effort put into those mini-games are not at all worth it."

How The PSP can Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry
   by ice_blue (Phong)
"The PSP has the potential to be the biggest must-have item in the history of the world. I'm not going to state the obvious that the PSP will play video games, so I will skip right along to discuss its capability to play music, movies and to serve as a book. All these functions will significantly influence the purchasing habits of consumers and will greatly impact these different industries."

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Editor's Comments

   Welcome everyone to this week's editorials column. Today our article count is much higher than average with five new articles, including four reader submissions and one staff-written editorial.

   Tyler Morris, one of our news reporters, has submitted what will be the first in a series of editorials about game design principles. He'll be submitting them on a regular basis, so it's one more incentive to check out the column each week. Anthony Caudill presents us with an extremely well researched analysis about the psychology of RPGamers and their potential to change the world. Billy Easley explains his view of the .Hack series and the company behind it. Finally, ice_blue writes about Final Fantasy X's mini-games and Sony's upcoming PSP.

   Look forward to another great column next week as Cortney takes the helm as your host, and be sure to stay tuned to the column for the long-run because we have some surprises in store for our readers and writers.


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