Editorials for September 24th, 2000
Yes, I am a lost cluster!

Every once in a while, something completely unexpected happens. After finally getting enough stuff to post last week, after my Hard Drive of Doom died, I backtracked and tried to get as much information off the drive as I could. Although I got the vast majority of my stuff off my drive, all the editorials are caput :( As such, I have a request. If you submitted an editorial in the last three weeks (basically, any time in September), please re-submit it.

My holiday was postponed a few days. :( As such, I'll be here for the next weekend. Then off I go for my holiday up north to visit a certain someone. ;) HOPEFULLY, I'll get lots of submission this week, that way I'll be able to update from there two weeks from now.

Now for the new stuff. First thing is first. The new Archives! The archives are being done in three, count them three ways! One, is by update, like the old format. The second one lets you look at the editorials via author. Like an editorial someone wrote? You can check out other ones they've written in this archive. The third one is by topic. You will be able to view all the submissions on a certain topic here. Currently, the biggest problem on my side is, there's a LOT of old editorials to be switched over to the new format. Hopefully, I'll find some time to get them done. I hope to have all of the old ones readable via the archives :)

Expect new submission guidelines on next week's update. They've been written, it's just a matter of uploading them. I would have done it today, but I have some business to attend to.

Anyway, onwards to the editorials. Sorry for the small update. It's all I could get back in one piece...stupid hard drive (grumble).

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