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Ten Years in the Making August 20, 2007

Editorial Excerpt: From 1997: "Aerith dies. You can't bring her back."

Editorial Excerpt: From 1998: "Game producers have been producing more difficult may be the fault of those of us who wanted harder games"

Editorial Excerpt: From 1999: "Perhaps it is wrong of both new and old school RPGers to be going against each other in such an angry manner. What really matters is whether or not the game is enjoyable."

Editorial Excerpt: From 2000: "Final Fantasy is always pissing somebody off. Hell, Square is always pissing somebody off, because somewhere in this past decade-and-a-half of incredible and horrible games, some idiot decided that Square 'sold out'"

Editor's Words

Ten years ago, RPGamer had its first editorial. Honestly, I wasn't really around then, so I don't know the details, but our first archived editorial is dated 8/20/1997. So join me in wishing the column a happy birthday or anniversary or whatever you wish a column. Hopefully, it will still be alive and kicking in ten more years. Who knows?

Today I offer stats and some editorials from the first four years of the section. I won't go into much detail about the editorials, because they speak for themselves. Like them or not, they give you a look into what was being talked about those years ago. Here are some stats of interest... to people that enjoy meaningless statistics.

Our Top 10 All-Time Editorialists

  • 1. Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham - 54
  • 2. Philip "Dracos" Bloom - 39
  • 3. Mike "JuMeSyn" Moehnke - 36
  • 4. Josh "Darien" Maciel - 34
  • 5. Bryan "Aethelred" Boulette - 27
  • 6. Raincrystal - 27
  • 7 (tie). Gabriel Ang - 26
  • 7 (tie). Melinda "Mistress Nightshadow" Ngyuen - 26
  • 9 (tie). Aujang "Wisdom" Abadi - 20
  • 9 (tie). John "Karlinn" Boske - 20

We currently have 1730 editorials in our archive with 6% (112) of the overall total coming from this year. Our current yearly leaders are...
  • 1. Mike "JuMeSyn" Moehnke - 24
  • 2. Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham - 17
  • 3. Jeffrey Cottrell - 10
  • 4. Dallas "scandallas" Richardson - 9
  • 5. Bryan "Aethelred" Boulette - 7

Well, enough with the random stats from days gone by, send me some new material. Want to help make RPGamer history? Toss an editorial my way and you might just go in the update right after the ten year bash! History makers, I challenge you to fill the inbox!


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