Editorials for July 24th, 2001
  Here, there and everywhere else.

Well, I know this update is late again, and I'm really sorry, but I've been called to attend to about fifteen things at once, and this time, I'll be more or less away from a computer as things get intense on what I'm working on.

But don't worry, things have been taken care of. For the next two weeks while I'm away from anything remotely electronic except for sporadic moments, Alex, who you might have seen doing news stories, will be managing the section while I'm gone, with Raincrystal helping.

Well, I'm sure there'll be things for you to comment on, and for Alex to look through, considering that Final Fantasy X has come out, selling rapidly in Japan in the first few days of its release, and with Square's somewhat disappointing performance at the box office with The Spirits Within. And I'm sure you'd have something to say about the scrapping of one of the first RPGs for the upcoming Gamecube, to focus on Metroid.

As for this update? We have some editorials which might interest you. We have an interesting opinion as to what a good RPG could be, about how hard innovation really is, some more on the grammatical debate and another insight into what is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. And for those who need a laugh, we have an amusing little piece on villianary within RPGs.

Well, I have to run, and start doing some serious work. Make sure you take care, and have fun reading and writing.

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