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Special E3 Roundup Edition July 23, 2007

Editor's Comments: We take a look at Nintendo's showing for the DS and the heavily-hyped Wii.

Editor's Comments: Sony was in a pickle prior to E3. Will their showing there help turn things around?

Editor's Comments: The House that Halo Built got the festivities off to a start this year. But how did they do?

Editor's Comments: Read about just what was right and what was wrong about this year's new & improved E3 from someone who was there.

Editor's Words

Last year after E3 2006, I wrote an editorial called "How Everything Changed in Three Short Days." It was my own postmortem on an event that I was in the process of returning from (I believe I was on the airplane at the time I typed it up). Oddly enough, this year, even though it was a much more lowkey affair, I felt like I had even more to write about. So I asked Mac to let me do a special E3 edition of the Editorials section.

Here we have three editorials, one each devoted to the Big Three gaming companies: Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. These guys put the most into the show, they have the biggest press conferences, and they usually have the most games coming. The fourth editorial is a more general one that touches upon the entire event overall, called "What Went Wrong." It was my way, as an attendee, of churning through my thoughts on what was right about this new format and what was wrong (hint: more was wrong).

This is my perspective as someone who was at the show, but people who got to sit at home might have different thoughts on it entirely. Tell us what you thought about E3 2007!


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