Editorials for June 6, 2000  

  I Love You, I Would Date With You  

[June 5, 2000: 2 new last words added, check the right column.]

There are a few things that you'll keep hearing me saying until they're actually done. Good? Good. First of all, I do not accept editorials in .doc format. Good? Good. Second of all, please use the template if you are going to HTML your editorial (so that I can just rename instead of copying and pasting). Finally, please put your name and e-mail and title to your editorial in the body of the e-mail at least, just please don't make me guess.

We had our first debate a week ago, it went pretty well. If any of you want to be added to the debate mailing list, drop me an e-mail, I currently have 7 people doing it. The best time for me is around 9 EDT at night, though that may change since I start work on monday (eeek!). The log for the last debate is here.

Today is the 3 month anniversary of me doing eds. Yay. I'm going out tonight and hurrying this along, but I promise that I'll update the archives and submission guidelines and do something design-wise as soon as I get a clue and learn HTML. Oh, I'll start the last word up too, I just have to get time and motivation.

The amount of weird e-mail in my mailbox is growing quickly. Someone thought that I had a whole group of people who decided what editorials went up, I've had dozens of marriage prop-- errr, spam, and I've gotten a bunch of e-mail totally unrelated to anything, and I love it! You guys are making me feel loved *emotional sniffle* I think it's all Brad's fault, he's spreading the love to all the staff.

Are you a...?

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June 5, 2000.
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I'm getting more and more weird mail by the day .

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