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I don't accept editorials in .doc format. We all understand? Good. I do accept them in the body of the e-mail (preferably with title and e-mail in the body), as a .txt attachment, or in HTML. If you do it in HTML, then PLEASE use the template located in the right-hand menu thing there. Do not HTML-ize with MS Word please, it doesn't really go over too well. So to recap, title, e-mail, and editorial in the body of the e-mail, in a text attachment, or in HTML using the template.

Now on to less unsultry topics than people not following instructions. I'm actually starting up the whole debate thing I spoke of last week. I'm going to put up abbreviated rules for those of you who want to join in. I am planning on having a demo-round (so you guys can see what it's like), and teach you folks/answer questions. I already have 5 people who want to do it, and if you want to see them do it for the first time, drop me an e-mail, and I'll give you the details (we're doing it tonight, Sunday). [Click Here for the LONG Rules]

Thanks to Scar as always for doing my dirty-work (the masochist). Thanks to Metallica for managing to turn themselves into the bad guys while getting into a fight they can't win. If you end up making the people you want to buy your CDs suffer, you're not going to end up making as much money as you used to. Of course, I'm no econ major...

Also, this past week editorial volume dropped through the floor. That means you don't get any. Not that I mind, it's a short little break, but I hope it picks back up. I'm guessing it's vacation/finals kicking everyone's butt. Good luck for all you folks still suffering through that. Read Mistress Nightshadow's editorial, and try to answer any one of those questions. That's your suggested theme/idea for next week's editorial.

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May 23, 2000.
May 18, 2000.

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