Editorials for May 23, 2000  

  Settling in  

Wheeeeeeeee! Now that I have that childish urge to run around screaming out of my system, let's get down to business. I am finally settling into this whole doing eds thing, as I'm coming up to 3 months since I did my first ed update. It frightens me. Anyway, I finally decided that all this pseudo-organizational stuff I've been doing wasn't working too well, so I've changed it.

Basically, I'm going to update the archives by the weekend hopefully. I've cleared the list of all the old editorials and everything. Essentially what I'm going to do is put the new editorials up, with links to strings for debates. Otherwise editorials will be around 1 week. Since the archives will hopefully get updated (or I'll put a "last few updates" thing in the right-hand column), it will be a quicker load to get the eds to show up, and it will be less disorganized.

This doesn't mean much of anything to you guys so far, but there is one thing that's going to change. If you submit a rebuttal to an editorial that is more than a week old (i.e. if you're debating something that isn't currently it's own little debate string in the current update, or a new editorial just put up in the current update), then please give me the URL of that editorial (the web address for you non-tech folks like me. I've been studying their lingo).

That aside, I want to give a few quick thanks. Thank you to Scarmiglion for being my HTML-izing lackey for half of the eds this week, saved me about an hour of stress, and about 3 years of stress-related sickness. Thanks to Mushroom_Cloud for making the nice little rebuttal .gif file. Also, a BIG Congratulations to the graduating classes of 2000. Enjoy the real world!

It's time for me to talk about a little pet project that I've been pondering for months, but actually have time to do now that it's summer. I know that lots of you folks have free time and like to argue, so I was trying to think as how to best use those juices to do something more fast-paced than weekly editorials. So what I've decided to do is have debates via IRC. If anyone is interested, then just drop me an e-mail. I would use APDA format, for which the rules can be found here.

So that's about it. I got no editorials to critique, so I didn't do that. I also only got one editorial about my proposed topic, but lots of hilarious comments about how I'm an idiot. The "mistake" was intentional, I assure you. Like the cleverly hidden and well-placed spelling/grammatical errors I make. Honest. So send me in stuff for next week to critique if you want, and my theme is "do you think consoles will survive 5 years?" I have money riding on that topic, do me proud!

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May 23, 2000.
May 18, 2000.

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