Editorials for April 2nd, 2001
   Creeping back in...

... Um... Well...

I better get down to business. For starters, I'm not wearing a wedding ring, Anna is all the way back in Canada, and I'm not sneaking in with a white dress... I guess it's April Fools, ne? I better brace for the rocks, projectiles and rocket launchers. Then again... I guess I'm a lot less serious than most. With America mainly focused at the work ethic, and Austalia disliking authority... well, you can draw the picture.

In any case, don't stone me quite yet. Well, unless you don't want to hear the results for the eds contest! Yes, now you can see the final results for the competition. You'll also be hearing from me if you were one of the winners for the competition, so if you see yours as the top 5, expect to hear from me. [The eds this week are listed in order.]

I would also like to take a little time to thank TSG for all the help he's given me, as without him, I don't think this contest would have managed to get anywhere without him. And I'd also like to thank all readers, since we need competitors after all!

Well, there won't be any normal eds this week, since the contest is everyone's focus this week (Or is it the fact that I pulled a convincing practical joke?), but as per schedule, expect things to be quite normal next Friday night.

So guys, cheer up. I won't be leaving anytime that soon. Well, one isn't scheduled for the next month, there's still a little event I'm planning for... unless you guys all try storming Sydney en-masse and try hunting me down. Well... I wouldn't know my chances, but it'd help if you put down the rifle...

PS: Guess playing jokes is my nature. They didn't call me the Mistress of Illusion for nothing. And it's really, really nice to know that you guys really care about this section.

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