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Spring Chickens March 26, 2007

Editor's Comments: Jeffery brings us our first rebuttal in quite some time as he counters Tony Capri's RPG classification editorial.

Editor's Comments: Jody discusses the horrors that can come from bad voice acting. Can it be bad enough to completely ruin a game?

Editor's Comments: Have we reached a new crossroads where no game series is safe on any one system? Multiplatform third party games could well be the future.

Editor's Comments: Jason begins his three part editorial series on narrative in RPG. Should RPGs really be on the same level as movies?

Editor's Words

Cookie time! I've saved this cookie up for quite sometime and finally can give it away. Thank you Jeffery, enjoy your cookie.

There could be more for anyone else looking to write a rebuttal or to flood my inbox with editorials. I have all kinds including a special peanut butter cookie if anyone really likes those.

Starting us off this week is Jeffery with his cookie-winning rebuttal about games that aren't actually games. We have one of our staff reporters, Jody, joining us for the first time this week with some discussion about voice acting. Can the voice acting in a game be so bad that you just can't play the game? That's been the case for Jody. Next, you get to listen to me discuss the importance of exclusivity for third party titles and how Final Fantasy XIII is playing a major role in the current system war. Finally, Jason starts his three part series about narrative in RPGs. Much like Jody's thought on voice acting, Jason feels that characterization plays a major role in the success of an RPG.

Well, it's the time of the season for loving to read editorials, so break out the reading glasses and pull up a chair. Once again, thanks to everyone that submitted something this week and to all of our readers. The inbox is always open at, come rain or shine. Thankfully, we've had a nice bit of shine as of late, so the warm weather here in Tennessee has made me a happy person. You know what happy people do? They write editorials. So if you want to see your name in lights, just toss one my way. Be safe and have fun.


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